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4 Ways To Supercharge Your Stoney Spring Cleaning

It is the perfect time to tackle some spring cleaning...but we get that it can be hard to start the process. Get un-stuck by adding some process and fun into your sparkle session! Of course we have to throw in some stoney goodness that will have tackling your to-do list, dare we say it, fun!

Bite Sized Goals

If you're feeling overwhelmed with getting started, breaking your to-do list into days can really help make things feel more manageable.

Rather than having to clean your entire house in one day, you can break up cleaning tasks by room. You can tackle cleaning your bathroom without having to clean the entire house.

This also allows you more time to hyper-focus on each room and get it sparkling clean from the toilets to the shower. Create a schedule with your target rooms for each day of the week and before you know it the whole place will be spring clean!

We highly recommend scheduling in some fun rewards like a baked bubble bath (check out some of our stoney shower vibe tips here) or a deliciously dank dish to practice some self care and reward yourself for a job well done!

Clear That Clutter

Out with the old, makes room for the new! This is a great time to go through things that have accumulated in your living space from the pantry to the closet, and beyond.

We love lighting a joint to get in the zone, putting on some sweet tunes (check out the SoStonedCo cleaning playlist if you need some inspo!), and getting ready for a stoney sort session.

Create categories for trash, donations and things to keep, then you are ready to start sorting it out. Start by tossing whatever trash you don’t need, it is a wonderful time to give so decide if certain items can be given away to friends or local donation options, and organize what you decide to keep so it is clutter free. We like the Marie Kondo approach of only keeping what brings you joy or serves you. It just feels so much better to be in a space with less clutter, and having a clean and refreshed space can have you feeling just as refreshed!

The More The Merrier

As the song goes, we get by with a little help from our friends (oh), we get high with a little help from our friends lol.

Having a spring clean party with roommates, friends, partners or parents can make cleaning much more fun and much more time efficient.

Have a stoney sativa prep sesh, blast some good tunes and get into a dank team deep clean the more the merrier!

Treat Yo Self!

We mentioned this before, but rewarding yourself and practicing some self-care is something that deserves two mentions in our book.

After you’ve put in the work and tackled your to-do's for cleaning up your space, you deserve to treat yo-self! Whether you want a little smoke sesh after each room or big task, or whether you want to finish it all first and then end with some well deserved relaxation with your favorite edible, it’s up to you! Sometimes you need that motivation to get things done and it just feels that much better to complete, and you deserve it! If you're looking for some other self-care tips check out our stoney-self-care article here.

For more tips on tackling your chore list check out our Tips for Tackling Your Chore List!

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