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Ultimate Stoner Shower Vibes

February is a month where people tend to focus on the love of others or relationships but we want to take the time to celebrate self-love. It’s important to have love for yourself, and one of our favorite ways to show ourselves a little love is to have a luxurious spa experience in your own home. Show yourself some love with these tips to upgrade your shower/bath experience! Make sure you set aside some time for this so that you’re not rushed and stressed about time.

One of the most important steps is finding the right music. Music can set the whole vibe for an amazing shower experience. Make sure you have your perfect shower playlist ready for the type of vibe you want to set. You want something that relaxes you and makes you feel really good about yourself. We like something dreamy with a good beat to vibe to and that just feels nice and pretty. If you need some inspiration check out our Ultimate Stoned Shower VIbes Playlist here!

If you have a bathtub, having a bath tray to hold things like candles, things to read, wine, and weed is a game-changer. Bring your bong or a pipe in while you relax to some music in a warm bath! We like to sesh before the bath and then while soaking for the ultimate stoner vibe guaranteed to help you unwind. If you are more of a shower person, bring a pipe in the shower with you! Just avoid getting water near the flower!

The more candles you can have in the bathroom, the better! If you have enough of them to turn off the light and just use candlelight, it will create such a magical vibe with your beautiful music playing. Plants in the bathroom can bring nature vibes into your space as well, plus it looks so dreamy and gorgeous like an organic oasis!

There are so many wonderful bath bombs nowadays but CBD and THC bombs are some of our favorites of course! We love @kushqueenshop bath bombs to pamper ourselves. These take relaxation to a whole other level! Treat YOURSELF to your favorite bath goodies whatever they may be because self-care is so important for your mental health! Add some magnesium (which is a mineral) flakes to the bath for additional health benefits including anti-stress and anxiety benefits!

Bring the spa into your shower by hanging real eucalyptus! Not only does it look super pretty, but it has many healing benefits and provides a sense of peace and tranquility. It can help with headaches and sinus issues as well as congestion! Plus it makes you feel super distressed and zen when the hot water steam releases all those healing oils. All you need is about two bushels of eucalyptus tied together to hang over the showerhead! It’s an affordable way to turn your shower into a relaxation zone! You can also use lavender which is super calming and beautiful to look at!

We like clean ingredients in our products, and we love Scalp Clenz by the North American Herb and Spice Co. This is one of the cleanest shampoos we could find, when it comes to ingredients, and smells like heaven! It contains wild oregano...but it is not overpowering! It makes your hair feel clean and smell so fresh! We recommend using your favorite oregano shampoo and give your scalp a nice scrub and massage to feel super clean and fresh. Then finishing off with your favorite conditioner treatment to make sure your hair is moisturized.

A lot of people tend to overlook their feet when it comes to moisturizing, plus walking around in socks or shoes can give us dry feet and calluses. Keeping a top-rated foot file and callus remover in the shower to help soften the feet will add to your spa-like experience so that your soles will feel like they do when you get a pedicure. There are also plenty of foot scrubs for exfoliating if your calluses aren’t that bad. Adding a good foot scrub tool can be part of living your best life so that you feel soft and clean and pampered!

Using a clean ingredient body wash and shaving cream can help prevent dry skin by not allowing your skin's natural oils to be stripped away with toxic and harsh ingredients. There are so many clean brands these days but one that’s clean and affordable that we like is Dr Bronner’s concentrated Castile soap which seems to last forever because you’re supposed to dilute it with water. We recommend buying a foaming soap dispenser so that you can wash with a foamy lather! Dr. Bronner’s also makes a great shaving cream with great ingredients as well!

It’s amazing how small things can just enhance the whole vibe. Getting out of the shower and drying off with a plush, soft, luxury towel or robe definitely completes the ultimate shower experience. Imagine going to a spa and getting a thin, flimsy little towel. Not quite what you’d expect there, and you deserve something nice to treat yourself just as well at home! They don’t always have to be expensive either! Whether you want a whole set, or just one special towel just for those at-home spa days, finding a towel you love is a perfect end to an amazing shower.

Post shower moisturization is definitely a key part of the spa-like experience that you must not skip out on! Some favorite natural moisturizers include shea butter, cocoa butter, and coconut oil which will have your skin feeling so soft and smooth. There’s nothing quite like slipping into some comfy clothes after your skin is super soft and moisturized and your hair smells fresh and clean. Your stoned self will definitely be living your best life!

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