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Tuesday Tips: How to Tackle Your Chore List

Fuel Your Body

If you are anything like us, you like to start the cleaning session earlier in the day. To get the most out of your day eat a nutritious breakfast right away along with coffee or tea if that’s your thing. You want to be fueled and energized and mentally ready to be productive. Getting hungry soon after can be a distraction so you want to eat something that will fill you up for a good 2-4 hours. Have your water out and ready for when you need to hydrate.

Get in the Zone

We like to get distractions out of the way by setting aside time to check our phone while we smoke some Sativa or hybrid to get our mind ready and in the zone. Give yourself a set window of time to check your screens & social media. Once the timer goes off, put on some music and put your phone away. Check out the SoStonedCo Cleaning Kit playlist if you need some help finding tunes that motivate you!

Prioritize Things You Can Set & Forget

If you’ve got laundry to do and a washer and dryer at home, this is a good time to throw in a load to wash while you do other things. It is also a great idea to prioritize things that need awhile to soak (i.e., a bathtub that needs to set for awhile in a cleaning product, or stubborn dishes).

Follow Your Sight

Sometimes tackling cleaning the house can feel overwhelming and you won’t know where to begin. So we recommend starting with the first room you see when you walk into your home. Something we recommend once you clean the first room is lighting a candle to start setting the vibe.

Continue cleaning your home in the order that you naturally walk through your space. We truly believe it will change your mood when you have a clean space to walk into.

Bonus Tip: Sometimes we like to take a smoke break between each room to keep it fun and interesting. With that said, if you’re on a roll sometimes you just want to stay in that zone.

Keep Your Energy Up

Take a snack break when you’re ready with something quick and easy like yogurt or fruit and get back to your tasks. When you finish your snack check on the "set & forget" tasks to see how they are coming along and use the break to fold the laundry or do those dishes If they are ready to go.

Bonus Munchie Tip: You can also prep your lunch before jumping into your to-do list. Having lunch prepped will help because when you’re all done cleaning or when you take a break to get your grub on it is quick and easy to clean.

Before you know it, you’ll be in a clean home - feeling accomplished and jamming out to some bangers in a nice stoney mood.


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