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Wake, Bake & Undertake

Many of us are familiar with a good ol' wake and bake sesh!

The Bad News (maybe): This is different for everyone but it might not be most productive to Wake & Bake daily.

Trust us when we say if we could afford (financially and lifestyle-wise) to wake & bake every damn day we would, but part of being a productive everyday stoner is being honest with ourselves.

The Good News: Even if we don't wake and bake every day (or maybe we do) there are some things we like to do to help set ourselves up to crush the damn day!

Step 1: Wake up a little earlier -> You are starting your day off with some fun get up a little earlier to create a nice vibe from the start. We recommend finding a comfy seat wherever you are and some good tunes.

Step 2: Enhance your greenery -> Herb or not we need our coffee (or tea) in the morning. Having a morning bowl with a big mug of coffee is beautiful combo that will bless your morning up! #blessed. Check out this iced coffee recipe that we love if you need some inspo!

Step 3: Pre-shower sesh -> Now that you're feeling awake and baked let's get you fresh for your day! Smoking before jumping into your shower and brushing your teeth allows you to get any of the smoke to stink off before venturing on to your next tasks.

Step 4: Eat a balanced breakfast -> It is at this point when we might want to order a whole spread (pancakes, waffles, ice cream...and beyond) and while you totally can (we do sometimes) we would recommend a healthy and balanced meal to get your energy and productivity up.

Bonus Tips:

1. Remember to be honest with yourself about whether you should wake & bake, it can lead to a stress avalanche if we lie to ourselves here. We speak from experience -> we never recommend trying to tackle a bunch of meetings stoned out of your gourd (and if you can more power to you lol).

2. We also love a wake -> bake -> shape sesh over here. Fitting your daily workouts into your mornings not only starts you off on the right foot, but it can also boost metabolism, and it gets your energy up from the get-go so you can live your best day. (We recommend fitting this before or after Step 2)

3. Sativa is our preference for the Wake & Bake session. Sativa dominant hybrids are also fine. This is definitely a personal preference but Indica strains can make you sleepy and that can make you crawl right back under the covers if you are anything like us.

What is your favorite way to wake & bake? Let us know in the comments!

Note: This information is for entertainment purposes and should not be considered medical advice in any way.

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