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Stoney Simplicity: Tapping Into Faded w/ 3 Simple Mindfulness Exercises

Stoney Simplistic Mindfulness & Wellness Exercises We Wanted To Share In Honor Of National Simplicity Day: Pair With Indica-Dominant Hybrid Girl Scout Cookies For A Euphoric & Mellow Practice

They say the best things in life are free, and we tend to agree when it comes to what's really important. Taking some time to slow down and focus on the simple can be incredibly healing–our relationship to what is within can really impact our relationship to everything external to ourselves.

So get into something comfortable, get comfortably stoney and get ready to practice some stoned simplicity.

Simplicity is defined in the dictionary as the quality or condition of being plain or natural, or something that is easy to understand. These exercises are going to help us look at the most natural state of all that is around and within us. Try the ones that resinate with you and tap into your most mindful, blissful and natural self.

Moving Meditations

Meditations don't always have to mean being super still and silent. Sometimes finding focus through movement can be super powerful as well. These exercises will take us through some simplicity exercises that involve the garden, the kitchen, and beyond!

Walking Meditation: A Mindful Movement Practice

Eating Meditation: A Stoney Sensory Experience

Gardening Meditation: Grow & Ground Yourself


Walking Meditation: A Mindful Movement Practice

Begin by finding a location where you have plenty of space to walk and move, and where you will not be disturbed during your meditation. Stand tall and straight up and feel your feet grounded into the earth as you walk. Take 20-30 steps in a single direction, pause and take 4 rounds of deep breath through your nose. Then continue walking 20-30 steps. Focus on the feeling of each step. You can walk back and forth along a path or continue to move in a single direction. Focus on your breath and think to yourself ' I am free' ' I am grounded' ' I am supported'. Surround yourself with gratitude and continue to walk until you feel satisfied.

This is a great way to feel grounded and supported in the earth, you can integrate this into any walks you take throughout your day.

Eating Meditation: A Stoney Sensory Experience

When you are eating you are nourishing your body, it is a practice of self love and care. Taking time to practice mindfulness and gratitude with this simple practice is a great way to slow down and savor. You can do this practice anywhere, while enjoying any type of food.

Start off by visually scanning what you are about to eat. What color is it, what details can you pick out. Is it vivid, small, soft? What feelings does the sight of this invoke within you? Now let's move to the scent, what is the aroma of the food? Is it sweet, pungent, strong, light? Does the smell bring any memories to mind?

Let's take a moment to practice some gratitude for the food you are about to enjoy. Where do you think it came from? Who had to harvest it? Transport it? Package it? Feel the food in your hand, what does the texture feel like? Is it melting, in a package, crunchy?

Now slowly put it in your mouth, let it sit on your tongue. What is the flavor like? Is the taste constant? What is the texture in your mouth? Does the flavor bring any memories or emotions to mind?

Practicing mindful eating can be incredibly helpful for tapping into gratitude and appreciation. It can also be great for those suffering with their relationship with food.

Gardening Meditation: Grow & Ground Yourself

Gardening is an optimal mediative activity because it is often quite peaceful. Being in nature or with nature elements can help ground us and calm our minds and bodies. Honor the life that you are creating and nourishing with every seed and every flower, and acknowledge them as living beings.

Take in the scent of the soil and earth, listen to the cues it gives you about the water or food that it might need. Listen to the sounds around you and let your surroundings soak into you. Feel yourself as an extension to the earth, another living piece connected with the life you are creating when you plant.

As you work on your gardening focus on each activity and send loving energy into the plants as you help care for them. This not only helps you feel grounded and calm, but it also helps you grow your gratitude and appreciation.

Did you try these exercises?

We'd love to know how it went! Tag @sostonedco on instagram and share with the hashtags #sostonedco #munchiemakeover. Share with someone you think can benefit from some stoney simplicity!

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