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Stoney Grounding Sensory Nature Meditation

A fresh month is always a great time to get back in touch with our intentions and to get grounded in the restoring and healing properties of nature. We wanted to share one of our favorite faded sensory meditations that will have you feeling those good vibrations as you prepare to jump into June!

Set The Tone

Aesthetic can really help you tap into your best mindful meditation. Pick a location that makes you feel at peace, and where you will be free from interruption. From a gorgeous waterfall grotto, a quiet lake at dawn, or your very own backyard, any place that makes you feel calm and happy will be a great choice.

Pick the right tools for the job at hand. You want to be comfortable and calm for this practice, so pick clothing and consumables that help you feel good, cozy, and relaxed. If you are going to be practicing a group meditation make sure you surround yourself with people who make you feel safe and supported.

Now that you are ready to start, take your pre-meditation toke, have a bite of your favorite edible, and/or enjoy your favorite consumable and prepare to dive into the practice.

Strain Shout-Out: We love the dreamy Blue Dream strain to prep for this meditation. It has us feeling buzzy and energetic physically but still focused and relaxed mentally.

Drink In The View

Sit down in a comfortable position in your place of choice. Place your feet onto the ground and feel rooted there. If it is an option, being barefoot is a wonderful way to feel even more connected to the earth.

Start breathing in and out through your nose in comfortable but long breaths. Look out into the natural environment around you. Notice the details that you are immersed in. Observe the color variations in each leaf, the movement in the water, and take a moment to appreciate how miraculous and beautiful the earth is, and how wonderful it is that we get to be a part of this amazing and magical planet. Spend a few moments breathing in and out comfortably and when you feel ready gently close your eyes.

Listen To What Surrounds You

With your eyes closed, start to listen to your breath moving in and out through your nose. Follow your breath a few cycles and start to expand your focus outward. Start listening to the sounds that surround you. This can be chirping birds, ocean waves ebbing and flowing onto the sand, or just a gentle breeze through a tree.

Allow your mind to listen to all of the sounds it picks up as you breathe in stillness. Feel grounded in the earth and immersed in the waves and frequencies of nature as it surrounds you. Continue to breathe in and out slowly and comfortably as you take a few more moments to appreciate the sounds around you.

Taste & Smell

Allow your focus to fall away from what you hear. Start to shift your mind onto what you smell. Is it a campfire, a delicious dank strain, or the earth after a rain? Start to breathe even deeper into what you pick up on. Think about the scent entering your nose as you breathe in. Imagine being able to taste the smoke of the fire or the salt in the sea breeze. What does it taste like? How does it make you feel?

Perhaps you actually taste the leftover coffee flavor from an infused latte or a fruity flavor pop from your favorite THC gummies. Focus on every detail of the flavor you can make out while continuing to breathe comfortably and deeply through your nose.

Allow your focus to slowly shift away from the scents and flavors you are taking in. Let your mind once again focus back on your inhales and exhales.

Focused Body Scan

Start to focus on where your feet are rooted in the earth. Feel the energy coming up from the earth through your legs. Allow that energy to travel through your hips to your lower back. Feel rooted in your seat where you are supported by the ground. Let the energy continue up through your back, shoulders, and neck, all the way to the top of your head.

Now try to imagine the energy shining in a line out of the top of your head upward connecting you with everything above, below, and around you. Envision yourself being surrounded by this energy. Until it is everywhere around your body, as far as you can imagine. Now focus on the feeling on the top of your head. Is it warm? Cool? Relaxed? Continue to scan and observe every part of the body from the head back down to your feet. Try to relax into any tight areas with your breath as you go through your scan. Once you feel ready, relax the focus on your body and take a few more cycles of breath in and out of your nose. Take three deep breaths in through the nose and out through your mouth when you are ready to come out of the meditation and gently open your eyes.

Take a few moments to notice how you feel as you come to the end of the meditation. This is an excellent time to journal or set mindful intentions for the coming month.

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