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Stoned Subs: Our Favorite Recipe Swaps to Manage Munchies

What to Bite When the Munchies Strike?

We admit it, sometimes we find ourselves basking in the glow of the fridge at 3 am with a handful of hot Cheetos, a bag of cheese shreds, spoonfuls of ice cream...and basically everything in our fridge that we bought for our weekly snack allowance. We also want to say that having a decadent munch sesh is totally alright at times (and delicious).

With that said, we have also woken up super full in the morning and had to reset and recover after munching too hard, and so if you are anything like us and/or if you need some tips on what you can munch on here are some of our favorite healthy substitutes and recipes that SoStoned's Mandee L. has put together & tested in her own home kitchen.

Salty: Who Doesn't Love Pizza?

An easy way to lighten up one of our fave stoned munchies is to swap your traditional dough out with a healthy tortilla option, we prefer to use @sietefoods tortillas but any that you enjoy will work. Top with a few spoons of organic tomato sauce, grass-fed cheese, and toppings of your choice! Pop in the oven at 350°F for 15-20 minutes and you are ready to dive in (we do recommend cooling a bit before scarfing but we know how hard that can be).

What we love about homemade pizza is that you can really make it anything you want it to be. Vegan? Sub for non-dairy cheese, Like it Saucy? Double it up. Make your pizza dreams come true!

Sweet: We Want Candy

We know two things: Candy is delicious when you have the munchies, and gelatin is super beneficial for your body. So healthy candy is a must-have in our stoner pantries when the sweet tooth hits.

Mandee uses about 3.5 cups of juice (we love a pineapple or apple juice, but you can pick your personal fave) and about 2/3 a cup of gelatin (we prefer @greatlakesgelatin) and 1 tsp of organic vanilla extract. Stir it all together in a pot and let it bloom for 5 minutes letting it heat until it starts to boil stirring the entire time.

When it is done, add in 1/3 cup of honey, sugar, or sweetener of your choice and or into a Tupperware container or cute little molds. Let it harden on the counter for about 12 hours (so you want to prep ahead) and you are ready to munch! Store these in an airtight container in the fridge if you want to save any leftovers (if there are any).

Cotton Mouth Cure: Smoothie

Beat that cottonmouth with a nice refreshing smoothie! These aren't only quick to make, they are also a fantastic way to satisfy your sweet tooth in a healthy way.

Blend your favorite type of milk and a bit of fresh-squeezed orange juice, fresh or frozen fruit, and enjoy! If you want to ramp up the health benefits we recommend adding in collagen powder & bee pollen to feel fresh AF!

Feeling Fancy: Charcuterie Board

This might not be your typical munchie go to, but it is truly one of the best & underappreciated stoner snacks because it can feature a range of flavors to tickle each of your toasted taste buds. We give you the Charcuterie Board ladies and gentlemen!

You can fill this board with anything you love in reality but some of the healthier options we like to go for are goat cheese, pickles, dates, apple slices, coconut oil potato chips, grapes, sourdough, nitrate-free meats, nuts, and jams (literally drooling as I type).


We hope that you feel inspired to have a healthy munchie sesh this weekend! Remember to always try to plan & prep ahead when possible, stay hydrated, and experiment with the flavors you enjoy. For the super-stoner, canna-products can be added to any of the recipes above to further elevate your day.

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