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SMOKE UP: 7 Tips for Living Your Best Stoner Life

To Put it Bluntly

It can be hard staying motivated to do much after a sesh? Do you find yourself wanting to be more productive?

We know how tempting it can be to curl up in something comfy and unplug once we're good and toasty (we stan a chill smoke sesh). However, if you do want to get better at smashing your goals for the day when elevated just remember to SMOKE UP.

Setting Guidelines

We said it last week, but honesty is the best policy when it comes to productivity & weed. The green can be an amazing way to tap into creativity, focus, and a positive mindset. However, if you are consuming as a form of escapism or abuse this will lead to lower levels of productivity frequently.

If we are keeping it 100 we have to say that for some people getting high & being productive are not the best fit so remember to be honest about why you want to indulge before proceeding.

Match the Strain

If you are newer to the wonderful world of weed, or if you are just working on getting to a more productive place it is key to make sure you match the strain and the amount with your plans for the day. As someone who is by no means a lightweight, I wouldn't do a fat Indica bong rip or eat an edible before trying to hop into a work meeting.


Indica = Chill mode on. Indica is best for relaxing, pain relief, building your appetite, and reducing stress. Now we won't say you can't be productive after an Indica sesh but for productivity, we would recommend staying away from Indica dominant strains.

Sativa = Power Mode. Sativa is best for stimulating the mind, improving focus, increasing energy & uplifting mood. These are our personal go-to for Wake & Bakes or smoking before trying to tackle a to-do list. Some people do find that a Sativa strain can raise anxiety levels so make sure to understand your tolerance levels before diving in.

Hybrids = Mix bag! Hybrids are a nice combo between chill and power, they can range in effect depending on the dominance and strain, and are an excellent way to blend the benefits or avoid potential unwanted reactions from full strains.

Remember to also plan how you smoke! We recommend using vapes or pipes for a productivity sesh. You won't end up on the moon, and you will be functional and free to crush your day.

Organize the Day

We are constantly joking about all of the lists we make, and yes part of it is that I am a super Virgo. When you introduce weed into the mix it can get even easier to forget an item...or two. Before your session (or even the night before) we recommend making a todo list for all the things you want to accomplish.

Using a combination of lists, alerts, calendar tools, and whatever works best for you makes it easy to stay focused on what is at hand for the day. This tip is simple but mighty when it comes to getting down to your "baked" business.

Keep it Real

It's another serious tip but this one is important. Know what you "Canna-can" and "Canna-not" do. I can tackle any email list or do tedious repetitive work stoned out of my mind, but if you put me into a meeting where I have to talk I can't function with even a joint in me most days. If you have been seshing for a while you probably know your limits, and if you are new to everything you will get to know your limits over time.

BLUF: Air on the side of caution, know what will be negatively impacted by weed and if the time and the place aren't feeling right then skip it until you have tackled the task.

Earn It

While most of these tips are to help you be productive while under the influence, we could not leave out the effective productivity tip of rewarding ourselves with weed for getting shit done. Weed can be an effective treat when you have a bunch on your plate that you need help finding some motivation for.

Not only can this prevent you from getting "gweedy" and forgetting how awesome getting high can be, but it can also light a fire to tackle chores, work, plans, or just about anything. A side perk is if you are using weed as a reward instead of smoking daily/hourly/etc just for funsies then it can help with tolerance breaks and making that stash last!

Up & At Em

It might be counterintuitive but weed can be an amazing way to get going for your day. Smoking a bowl definitely puts some pep in our step when it comes to working out, walking errands, doing chores, and beyond. Not only can it help with focusing on the item at hand, but it can also give you additional energy for the tasks. Pro tip: When you are getting active and crushing goals we highly recommend listening to your favorite motivational playlist and jamming out.

We are going to be doing full posts on Weed Workouts, Tackling Chores, Favorite Playlists, and more in the near future!

Pick your Peeps

Surrounding yourself with the right people is important in so many parts of our lives, and getting high is one of those parts. Lazy stoners do exist, negative stoners do exist, unhealthy weed environments do exist. Now we never want to judge but we do recommend that you surround yourself with people who inspire and motivate you to live your best life - stoner or not. SoStoned in fact is the brainchild of two best-budz motivating and challenging each other to be our very best <3

Time to SMOKE UP

We hope that you feel inspired to SMOKE UP on your own and that these tips help you amp up productivity and tackle your toke to-do lists. Remember that it is all about balance, honesty, planning, and getting it done! We would love to know other things you do to help you stay stoned, structured & successful!

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