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Practicing Stoney Self-Compassion for Workaholics

If you are anything like us, some people might call you a workaholic. We love getting work done, being efficient, crushing goals, and being an overall badass, but sometimes that comes with burnout, anxiety, exhaustion, and stress. It is important to find a balance and take time to check in with ourselves while practicing some self-compassion. Of course, we had to throw in a canna-twist, so we wanted to share four of our favorite ways to tap into some self-love and comfy culture.

Inner Child Play

“We grow into the person that our younger selves would have felt safe with.”

So many of us went through some sort of trauma in early life. Nourishing that inner child is something that can be incredibly healing, but also very difficult. Cannabis can help quiet a judgmental inner voice when you are attempting these sorts of compassion exercises. Imagine your younger self, when you were a child. Picture the details about your physical body and beyond. How old are they? What is their expression? How do they feel?

When you feel fully connected to that child-self begin writing a letter to them. Ask them about their experiences, share advice you want them to have, let them know about yourself, and let them know they are loved. Tell them the things you love about them.

Here are some great examples of things you can say

  • You are beautiful inside and out

  • You are worthy of love, happiness, ease, and joy

  • You are loved

  • You are incredible and miraculous

Once you have finished the letter, read it out loud to yourself. We heard it said beautifully this week, we grow into the person that our younger self would have felt safe with. There are a lot of reasons your current self can benefit from hearing things that are easier to categorize as a childhood need. Connecting with this inner child can help us grow, tap into the creative, and heal/shed past trauma.

Inhale that Good, Exhale the Negative

We love to pair this quick mindfulness and visualization practice with a joint of your choosing. Sit in a calm location of your choice. Think about all of the steps that had to happen for that joint to be in your fingers. Feel the paper, and think about the plants being harvested and cured. Allow your mind to feel grateful that all these pieces came together to be enjoyed at this moment.

As you light the joint, smell the smokey aroma created. Look at the grey clouds of smoke. Taste the paper or cannabis as it touches your mouth. Close your eyes and imagine breathing in a yellow healing light when you take your hit. Breathe out and release negativity and tension. Repeat this with each hit until you are ready to end the session.

Feel grounded in the moment, feel grateful for this moment, and when you are ready open your eyes and reflect on how you feel. This exercise can help you feel grateful, grounded, and restored.

No Bully Zone

Inner critics can be so overwhelming to deal with, especially if you have any form of anxiety. This exercise is wonderful for helping build the ability to combat and quiet that inner negative narrative. First, you need to make a list of the things you are feeling self-critical about. Once you have your list you are going to respond to each item by writing what you would tell a young child or friend in the same situation.

This can help frame when thoughts are actually just this inner bully, which doesn't need to be indulged. You will build skills that will help you build patience with yourself, and flexibility while fostering more self-love.

Practice Lit Loving Kindness

Get into a comfortable meditation posture, and bring your awareness to your breath. Think of someone who loves you completely and unconditionally. This can be a friend, family member, partner, pet, etc. If you have trouble thinking of someone, this is totally ok, think of a kind stranger or someone you feel safe with. Allow the energy of their love to pour over you. Envision what color the energy is, and see yourself bathed in that energy's light.

Feel this light travel through your entire body. Starting with the top of your head, down your neck, back and arms. Continue down your thighs, ankles, and feet. See the light surrounding you and expand outward as far as you can envision.

Once you feel satisfied, start sending loving-kindness outward. Imagine the house, city, state, and beyond being covered in your love and kindness.

Then focus once again on yourself. Repeat the following affirmation. "I am safe, I am loved, I am happy, I am free, I am healthy, I am powerful, I am supported."

Focus on your breath and breathe in and out through your nose at a comfortable pace. Feel the positive energy radiating through your body. Continue breathing comfortably for another minute or so. Take a deep breath and open your eyes when ready.

Did you try these exercises?

We would love to know how it went! What are some of your favorite canna-compassion practices? Tag @sostonedco on Instagram and share with the hashtags #sostonedco #canna-compassion.


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