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Lit Lunar Cycle Work: Cannabis Rituals For Each Phase Of The Lunar Cycle

Lit Lunar Cycle Work: Cannabis Enhanced Rituals For Each Phase OF The Lunar Cycle.

The moon is such a powerful thing, it is a strong simple of feminine energy, and it symbolizes all parts of the lifecycle along with the spiritual connection to our highest selves. Rituals and celebrations in many cultures revolve around the moon, and it can be a wonderful tool for setting intentions, connecting with mother nature, celebrating feminine energy, aligning your cycles to the lunar calendar, and building your wellness practice and journey.

Let's dive into a little lit-lunar101 enhancing moon rituals with cannabis to tap into your deepest healing and alignment.

There are eight phases of the moon that each come with their own special qualities and energies. These phases are the new moon, waxing crescent, first quarter, waxing gibbous, full moon, waning gibbous, third quarter, and crescent.

Each ritual will be paired with a cannabis stain that we think accentuates the experience and helps tap into your most decedent and deep practice.

Let's Get Started

Moon rituals are about tapping into the power of the moon and using the different energies of the lunar phases. Even if that doesn't connect with you, taking time to practice some reflective ritual is also incredibly powerful to practice and can help with self-control, objectivity, flexibility, clarity, and beyond.

Get your favorite consumables ready and let's get into some high healing energy:

  • New Moon Renew: A Cleansing & Intention Setting Ritual

  • Stoney Self-Care: Creative & Recharging Waxing Crescent Rituals

  • Waxing Gibbous Ritual: Grounding & Clarity Practice

  • Waxing Gibbous Ritual: Grounding & Clarity Practice

New Moon Renew: Cleansing & Intention Setting Ritual

As the name would suggest, the new moon starts the new lunar cycle. The first three days of the new moon are an excellent time to focus and set some intentions for what you want the next month.

Spark up, grab your manifestation/cleansing tools and get ready for this amazing energetic New Moon Intentions Ritual:

  • Crystal of your choosing: Pick something that resonates with what you are trying to manifest. Citrine for wealth abundance, rose quartz for love and Celeste for dream connections are great examples of stone pairings.

  • Candle: Once again, you can pair the color of your candle with your overall goals and intentions for the next month.

  • Incense: Pick a scent that you find calming and enjoyable. Jasmine, Hyacinthe, cinnamon, lavender, sandalwood, and frangipani are all great options for a manifestation moment! (You can also use sage for this part of the practice)

  • Writing Tools: You will need a pen and paper for this exercise.

Start by writing down what you want to manifest in the next month. Don't limit yourself with judgment or boundaries. What do you want to invite into your life? Light the candle and incense. Allow the scent to fill your body, to surround you. See it filling the room in your mind, spilling out to the edges until it fills every space of the room.

Stare into the candle's flame while you breathe deeply in and out into your stomach. Imagine the room filling with positively charged, powerful energy that surrounds you. Breathe this energy deep into your body, feeling refreshed and soothed.

Read the list of manifestations for the month three times while focusing on every detail of that reality. When you are done put that paper somewhere where you will see it daily.

Stoney Self-Care: Creative & Recharging Waxing Crescent Rituals

We love the Waxing Crescent for a self-care ritual, and what's nicer than a warm, comforting bath. Spiritual baths can be traced back to Ancient Greece, India, Egypt, and Israel. You can make these healing baths customized to your personal needs. Set the tone with some soothing sounds. We love singing bowls to tap into our highest faded frequency.

Place a few drops of your favorite essential oil into a warm bath. We love citrus and lemongrass scents for the summer. Broad Essentials lemongrass CBD essential oil would be perfect for a relaxing mood boost. You can complement your bath with Epsom salts, crystals, candles, smudge sticks, or other enhancements. Before you get into the tub, set an intention for the ritual.

Lower yourself into the bath and submerge as much of your body as possible. Soak in the warm water and let your mind visualize everything you want to attract into your life. After you get out of the bath, air dry and continue breathing in the energy of the moon and your intentions. Bonus points for actually standing in the moonlight. This is great to do before bed or winding down.

Self-care can be giving yourself space to stimulate your mind. Trust us, we know it is not easy to be a 'morning person, but waking up an hour or two earlier than you have to not only gives your body time to adjust but it allows you to take some time for yourself to do things that you find enjoyable and enriching. Whether reading your favorite book, cooking a batch of infused cookies, or painting, taking time for yourself is not only a wonderful thing to do, but it is essential in today's world. Make sure to spend a few extra hours for yourself during this phase of the lunar cycle.

Faded First Quarter: Water and Energy Ritual

For this simple ritual, you need only four items: paper, a pen, a glass that is meaningful to you, and clean water. Start by writing your affirmations on paper, then attach the paper to the glass of water. Rub your palms together to create heat and energy, and see and feel that energy building. Place your hands on the glass of water, imagine it resonating through the water and the glass-like ripples, and start to say the affirmations you wrote out loud.

Visualize each of those affirmations as a reality while focusing your energy on the glass and the water within it. Drink the water. Repeat this every morning or every night before you go to sleep.

Waxing Gibbous Ritual: Grounding & Clarity Practice

The waxing gibbous is a beautiful time for grounding, clarity, and inspiration practices. Take this time to find ways to connect and root in each element of the earth to help unblock clarity and inspiration.

Earth, air, fire, and water combine in this ritual to help us feel connected and clear inside and out. This is a great practice for when you need to feel rooted in the now and find clarity for what's next:

  • Earth: Hiking, walking barefoot in the soil, gardening, yoga, rock climbing, grounding meditation

  • Air: Breath focus, heart chakra, wind, trees, feather rituals

  • Water: Swimming, snorkeling, yoga, sailing, bathing, soaking feet, ritual drink, water alters

  • Fire: Cooking, bonfire, bbq, smoking, yoga, candle work, burning release rituals

Start by writing down what you want to manifest in the next month. Don't limit yourself with judgment or boundaries. What do you want to invite into your life? Light the candle and incense. Allow the scent to fill your body, to surround you. See it filling the room in your mind, spilling out to the edges until it feels every space of the room.

Faded Full Moon: Power Word Play

The full moon is a great time for setting intentions and manifesting. Take this time to write out your intentions. For example: "I am abundant in all ways! I attract positive energy and love".

Cross out any of the repeating letters in your intentions, using our example you would be left with iambundtwys. You can cross out the vowels as an optional step (mbndtws). Grab a pen and write out the remaining letters. You want to get creative and write them out in ways that cross and move in any direction. Draw a circle around your final product for your intention sigil. For a stoney bonus, we love taking a hit and envisioning our lungs charging with positive energy, breathing it out on the sigil to charge it, repeating as needed. Now that it is charged you can get rid of it or save it, the ritual has activated the required energy and should work on its own at this point.

Waning Gibbous: Let It Go

The Waning Gibbous is ideal for letting things go that do not serve you. We love pairing this infused Waning moon THC-Tea Blend with a releasing faded-fire ritual. Blend earl grey, mint leaves, elderflower, and dried yarrow.

To Brew scoop a tablespoon of loose tea into a tea bag and infuse in hot water, and your favorite canna tincture (We are currently super into Mood Magic Yk drops by Yummi Karma). This blend will help calm and soothe the mind while nixing any negative energy.

When you are feeling cozy and connected you can move on to the fire ritual. Spend some time meditating on what you want to release. Which parts of your body do you feel what you are holding onto? Your chest? Your back or neck? Write down what you want to let go of. When you are ready to release tear the paper and start to burn the shreds in the fire. As the flames turn the paper to ash, repeat to yourself, "I release that which does not serve me to make room for all things abundant."

Waning Crescent: Reflection and Intention

The final phase of the lunar cycle is about reflecting on what has come to pass in the last month and what you have manifested going into the next. This is a perfect time to bust out the journal and take some time to be mindful and reflective about your experiences. What are you trying to manifest? What do you want to release? What are you grateful for this month? What was challenging this month? What did you learn?

Let Us Know How Your Lit Lunar Work Went!

We'd love to know how you use lunar cycles in your ritual practices! How did the lit-rituals go for you? Tag @sostonedco on Instagram and share with the hashtags #sostonedco #litrituals . Share with someone you think can benefit from some lunar alignment.

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