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High There Everybody

Can we just say how excited we are that you are here!

We are just getting the bowl rolling here (ok enough puns...for now), and we want to take a moment to tell you a little bit about SoStoned and who we are.

We are a collective of "sophisticated-stoners" who are working towards achieving our dreams. What does that mean?

Do we love weed? Absolutely

Do we crush goals on the daily? For the most part

Are we striving for a healthy balanced life? YASSS

Throw those stoner stereotypes out the window y'all cause some smart, sophisticated baddies are about to reclaim -> rebrand -> and elevate our minds, bodies, and lifestyles.

As a productive "stoner" we can feel alone, secretive, or even self-conscious, but you are not alone friends. We are here to share, learn, collaborate, and strive with like-minded stoners that are successful, professional, productive, creative, and dare we say it...sophisticated.

What is our Mission

The BLUF is we want to create a community of likeminded people to share tips, tricks, products, reviews, recipes, and beyond related to weed culture to help our SoStoned followers live their best most productive lives.

We wanna talk to you

We know you like a weed (we do too), let us know what you wanna see/discuss/learn/share. Please follow us on Instagram @sostonedco


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