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High & Healthy Week 4: Dance Aerobics with Micky aka Greentucker420

Workout Level: Beginner Friendly

Equipment Needed/Recommended: (Optional) Yoga Mat, Your Fave Canna-Product

Workout Description: A quick and fun dance aerobic routine

Host Bio: American Australian newbie cannabis influencer that loves to share her love and knowledge of cannabis, food, and FITNESS :)

Workout Length: 7 minutes

Growing up in a home that was cannabis-friendly helped create an open mind when it came to consumption. Despite being a safe-space at home, Micky was aware of societal stigmas when it comes to consumption even then. “I don’t remember my parents ever directly telling me not to talk about their cannabis consumption, I just knew not to. I faced stigma from peers because of my own cannabis use. Not necessarily because of my parents.”

Over the years she has worked towards acceptance within herself as a consumer and content creator, a struggle that is relatable to so many. “I’ve been doing this Youtube thing for years now but I was never consistent. I think a lot of it had to do with feeling like I had to hide that I was medicated. I couldn’t be my authentic self. Now that I’m in a legal state, feel safe, and have based my content solely around cannabis, I feel free. I can finally be myself :) Cannabis content creation gives me the room to be me. That’s my favorite part.” Yassss!

She also has had personal growth when it comes to discovery about cannabis “Since I started Greentucker420 and found the cannabis community online my thoughts have completely changed. I’ve finally stopped beating myself up over my usage and the access to information and other personal cannabis stories were and still is really inspiring.”

She is also a big fan of legalization as someone who lives in a legal state. “I love living in a legal state where I can consume lab-tested cannabis products. It really makes a difference in navigating what works well for your body.”

When it comes to balancing a busy schedule and consumption, Micky has the following advice. “Be honest with yourself and know your limits! If I’m super busy that day I’ll start with a smoke in the morning and won’t smoke again until later that night. It just depends really.”

Micky is not only a fitness baddie, but she is also an amazing cook! We can’t stop thinking about her favorite infused recipe. “I think my favorite edible that I’ve ever made was the infused crab boil butter. It was savory, a little smokey, and paired beautifully with the actual flavor of cannabis.” Umm, we need this in our life stat!

Micky grew up being active and dancing, “I grew up in dance and always played some sort of sport even if I wasn’t good at it! I just love moving my body and getting amongst it.”

As she became more comfortable with coming out of the cannabis closet she leaned into combining a passion for cannabis with a passion for fitness, “I always used to work out stoned stealthily and found an opportunity to share that with people through social media. I’m still learning myself. Just going with the flow of things.”

She has found the fitness world very welcoming, especially in LA. “Everyone seems to smoke weed here and it’s no big deal “

She finds that cannabis enhances her workouts, “I feel like I focus better when I smoke before a workout. I don’t smoke straight away after I finish the workout, no need to.”

For anyone who is looking for some pointers in combining cannabis and fitness Micky has the following advice, “For a high-intensity workout I recommend a Sativa dominant strain. Indica is really good for deep stretching. I wouldn’t recommend smoking and working out if you’re new to cannabis.” She expanded on the following for people who are struggling for motivation, “In those weak moments, think of how good you will feel after the workout. That usually gets me going.”

If you are new to working out completely, she says tap into what you enjoy! “Look, the only person that’s going to make you workout is you. So figure out what you like and make it fun!”

She prefers a good dab as a consumption method. “Although I’m TERRIBLE at it, I think I've been leaning towards dabbing lately. It’s a nice break on the lungs from smoking and it always tastes yummy.”

When it comes to the future of cannabis, Micky feels like we are on the precipice of massive industry growth for cannabis. “I’m excited to see what comes of this booming industry! I feel like it’s about to pop!”

She is currently staying focused on her goal of staying consistent with her content creation, “My main goal is to stay consistent with the content I create, and post regularly. I have a little side hustle that I’m working on but it’s still in the early stages!” Yas we love an entrepreneurial queen!

Micky thinks the lazy stoner stigma needs to go, “I think they get the whole motivation lazy thing wrong. It’s so old and worn out. High functioning stoners is a thing… a common thing!” She thinks there are many things the world can learn from the cannabis community these days. “Right now I wish everyone would just have a toke and stay home.”

We want to thank Micky for putting together this amazingly quick and effective dance aerobic workout! She is so full of light and energy, and we are definitely warmed up after that quick routine. To learn more about Micky and her workouts (along with helping her meet her 1G dab milestone) follow her on Instagram at @GreenTucker420, and on her YouTube channel here.

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