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High & Healthy Week 1: Yoga Decompression Flow w/ Ezra Shipin

Workout Level: Beginner Friendly

Recommended Strain: Blue Dream or Sour Diesel

Equipment Needed/Recommended: No equipment needed (Optional: acupuncture mat, blanket, pillow, or towel.

Workout Description: Quick summary of Ezra’s daily yoga practice. Gentle yoga flow to get the blood flowing and the body & mind relaxed.

Host Bio: Ezra Shipin is a professional Dancer and Yoga Instructor living in Brooklyn, NY, originally from Los Angeles, CA. Ezra is the creator of the Common Cause Movement, an online collective on a mission to move for change by diversifying the movement and wellness industries.

Workout Length: 20-45 min

The Workout:

About Ezra

Dance & Yoga

Ezra Shipin is a first-generation Filipino Jewish American from Los Angeles, CA, currently living in Brooklyn.

Ezra got into yoga through her dance background. “As a long time dancer, I found myself dealing with a harsh case of perfectionism. Yoga was introduced to me shortly after as a form of movement free from self-judgment; from there, I was able to incorporate my yoga practice into my professional dance career, and it totally changed my experience.”

She fell in love with dance at a young age and it shaped her trajectory. “My older brother’s friend was a dance major in college when I was just 12 years old and without a hobby. She brought me into one of the classes at her home studio and I fell in love with movement!”


Growing up in a cannabis-friendly creative hometown Ezra was welcomed into a warm cannabis-community. “Growing up as a young artist in Los Angeles, canna-culture was a part of the experience! I was always welcomed into creative, open, and safe spaces.” Living in LA also created an environment where she wasn’t facing canna stigma or backlash.

By incorporating cannabis into her dance practice Ezra is able to get pulled into each and every moment so that her focus is consistently on quality rather than quantity. “My breath becomes directly linked with my movement -- totally synced.”

Ezra finds that cannabis can be incredibly beneficial to incorporate into a fitness program because of its capability to put you into a place where you are not caring about what you look like aesthetically! In her own words, “As long as the form is safe and effective, it’s all you, and you’re perfect.”

With that said, Ezra does say it is good to make a task list to keep yourself accountable and productive when consuming. “Set up a To-Do list, that way you can hold yourself accountable for getting the work done even if you’re breezing through it casually and calmly.“

Ezra thinks people have the wrong perception of cannabis consumption. “People assume ‘stoners’ don’t do anything all day or lie around on the couch for the most part. Hilariously, I like to run errands, take a class, and get work done when I’m stoned. I don’t require it, and of course, this is only my own personal experience, but it doesn’t impact my life experience negatively whatsoever.”

Fitness Tips

When it comes to people looking to start a workout practice in 2021 Ezra’s advice is to always “Make sure it feels good.” And “BREATHE. A LOT.” if you are just starting dance or fitness.

If you are having trouble staying motivated she urges you to listen to your body. “Don’t force anything. Know your limits, but it’s okay for fitness goals to fluctuate, just like our bodies do by nature.”

Working on a Common Cause

When she's not dancing or on the mat, you can find Ezra working to make the world a better place. She is not only passionate about advocating for diversity and awareness in movement spaces, and anti-racism, LGBTQ+, body inclusivity, and Asian American alliance communities.

She is also the creator of the Common Cause Movement, a project dedicated to bringing inclusivity, resistance, and change to movement and wellness industries.

“I started the Common Cause Movement in hopes to push inclusivity into the movement and wellness industries. Dance, yoga, and fitness communities are oftentimes only accessible to individuals of a certain socio-economic status, body type, skin color, and more. At Common Cause Movement, every body, mind, and spirit has a place.”

What’s next

January is Ezra’s last month of live zoom group classes! “ In February, the Common Cause Movement is moving to private sessions and pre-recorded sessions only! You can sign up for monthly memberships and receive yoga or dance videos + more weekly!”

We love everything about Ezra from her positivity to her grace. She is a beacon of light in our community and we are grateful that she had the time to provide this great decompression flow and tell us a little bit more about herself. If you are interested in learning more about dance, fitness or yoga check out @newyorkbodies -- a total beginner-friendly dance studio! To learn more about Ezra follow her at @ezrashipin on Instagram and check out the Common Cause Movement!


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