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Get Dank & Dreamy With Us (Making a 2021 Vision Board In Five Steps)

Before We Jump In

We want to take a quick minute to set the tone in our space. We are going to be setting intentions and exploring our dreams and visions, so you want your environment to be inspiring, and you want to be in the zone! You can check out our budget-friendly tips on creating a great session space, which just so happens to be an excellent place to work on your vision board. Or, you can follow our quick and easy way to get tapped into your best creative space for this exercise:

If you need some musical inspiration check out our Dank & Dreamy Spotify Playlist! We should also take a minute to explain why creating a vision board is a good thing to do! Vision boards are a way to combine the creative mind and the organizational mind. It allows goal setting to become more of a daydreaming and artistic exercise. While you are doing what can feel very much like creating a Pinterest board (which isn’t hard work for most of us), you are doing a few very important planning and goal setting exercises.

Let's Get Dreamy

Step 1: Know Your Endgame - This is quite literally your vision, so make it what inspires you most! Is it a moving picture collage? Magazine on paper? A Pinterest board that you have up regularly? Whatever you feel gets you amped about creating is what you should do. Making this decision early on ensures you will get the most out of creating your vision board.

Step 2: Pick What To Prioritize - Having too many things on your list can prevent you from tackling it at all! Pick a few things you want to focus on to start, these can always shift, adjust or expand. Pick 4-6 things you want to focus on and make a list of all of your goals when it comes to those categories for the year. Be realistic and set up rewards for reaching your goals by 2022!

Step 3: Get Dreamy & Have Fun - Look for things that inspire you, and remind you of your prioritized goals for the year. This can be photos, videos, sounds, words, anything that pings your brain with the reminder that you are going to crush this year whenever you take a look at it! Take your mind out of it when it comes to putting together your board, be free and tap into that childlike play and creativity.

Step 4: Rinse & Repeat - Once you have your vision board put together, step away from it and come back. Make sure it feels right, and adjust it as needed by running through the previous steps. When it is feeling good, you are ready to move onto the final stage!

Step 5: Display - Now is the time to find your vision board a home. This is going to be unique to you, and where you feel most comfortable/inspired/etc. in your living space. The point of it is to keep you excited and motivated about your goals so pick a place that will create the most value for you!


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