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Discovering Lunar Magic: Infused Lunar Rituals with Moonly

As we gear up for the final full moon of 2023—the Cold Moon gracing us on the 26th—it's the perfect moment to embark on a celestial adventure. Picture ancient rituals infused with cutting-edge tools and guidance from Moonly, one of our top wellness apps. We recently spotlighted Moonly in our '5 Apps and Infused Activities We Love for Unleashing Total Wellness' post, and let me tell you, it's our daily go-to for wellness vibes and lunar insights.

So, what's the buzz about Moonly? It's this fantastic blend of Jyotish astrology (Vedic) and psychology offering tools that merge cosmic insights with a deep dive into our psyche. Think of it as a cosmic bestie guiding us toward balance and a deeper connection with nature, enhancing every facet of our lives. Join us on this otherworldly journey as we unveil lunar tools and rituals, all fueled by Moonly's incredible tools and cosmic wisdom set to elevate your 2024

What are the differences between Vedic and Western Astrology? Vedic astrology, used by Moonly, relies on the Sidereal Zodiac for pinpoint accuracy, aligning with true planetary positions. In contrast, Western astrology leans toward the Tropical Zodiac, focusing on psychological interpretations and sun signs. Vedic astrology employs predictive tools like dashas and yogas, offering deep insights. It uses a unique whole sign house system, unlike the varied house systems in Western astrology. Moonly's choice of Vedic astrology stems from its precision-driven methods, offering profound insights and unique celestial alignments. To learn more about the differences between Western and Vedic astrology and why Moonly chooses to use Vedic check out their amazing breakdown on their Instagram post here.

Did you know that our closest celestial neighbor, the Moon, exerts a profound influence on Earth? Its gravitational force intricately shapes our world, affecting everything from tides and air pressure to wind patterns, climate, and even the fundamental rhythms essential for life on our beautiful planet.

For eons, humanity has recognized the Moon's impact on both the physical and emotional facets of all living beings. This profound insight gave rise to the development of lunar calendars, a tool meticulously crafted to track the cycles and effects of this cosmic body. A lunar month comprises 30 lunar days, known as tithis, aligning with the Moon's orbit around the Earth. This celestial journey commences with the New Moon or Amavasya, a phase when the Moon's energy reaches its lowest ebb. It marks an ideal time for resetting and initiating a new chapter, establishing a framework for the month ahead until the Waxing Moon phase begins on the 15th lunar day. During this period, energy grows, fostering activity, facilitating decision-making, and igniting the commencement of new ventures.

On the 15th lunar day falls the Full Moon, Purnima Tithi, the peak of Lunar energy when nature brims with its potency. This charged day significantly impacts an individual's emotional and mental states.

After the Full Moon, the Waning moon phase gradually dims the energy. This time is optimal for completing tasks and drawing conclusions. Then the New Moon comes again and the cycle repeats.

Lunar calendars and rituals offer a remarkable framework for organizing life, infusing meaning into activities, and fostering balance. The Moon's phases extend beyond natural phenomena, intertwining with emotions, nutrition, menstrual cycles, and more! Understanding and syncing with these cycles can offer insight into one's emotions, facilitate manifestation, and optimize day-to-day living.

Moonly is an amazing educational resource, delving into the intricacies of the complete lunar cycle, the dynamics of moon energy, and other cosmic insights

Full Moon Rituals

The Full Moon marks a great starting point, particularly as we approach the Cold Moon, 2023's final Full Moon. Purnima Tithi, known as the Full Moon, graces us on the 15th lunar day. Translated from Sanskrit, 'Purna' signifies fullness, abundance, and greatness. It's a phase when lunar energy soars to its pinnacle, often resulting in a surge of emotions, heightened sensitivity, and a sense of vulnerability. Harnessing rituals during this time becomes a powerful way to channel this energy wisely and in equilibrium.

Mindfulness practices serve as invaluable tools for navigating the impact of this phase, allowing you to delve into what brings you joy and fulfillment while releasing what no longer serves you. Embrace a space of loving compassion, both for yourself and others. We've found blending infused meditation and reflective journaling to be transformative, fostering a deeper connection with oneself.

The night of the Full Moon becomes an exquisite canvas for rituals—releasing, purifying, and manifesting—to create space for and draw in fresh, positive energy. This phase offers a window for transformative rituals that facilitate letting go and welcoming new beginnings. We love pairing these with a mindful and intentional strain.

Waning Moon Rituals

Spanning two weeks, the Waning Moon phase presents an opportune moment for healing and shedding negative energies, preparing us for the upcoming cycle. It's an ideal window for decluttering, engaging in rejuvenating bath rituals, and delving into introspective shadow work. Looking for inspiration to elevate your cleaning routines during this phase? Explore our tips on how to infuse your cleaning sessions with an extra boost—check it out here!

New Moon Rituals

Amavasya is the beginning of a new lunar month. During the New Moon, the Moon is dark and doesn't reflect the light of the sun. Symbolically, its energy burns out and drops to a low. This can make us feel more drained, unfocused, and scattered. However, this day is one of great power. It marks the end of a phase and the beginning of another - it defines the rest of the lunar month. It can be an amazing time to reset and plant the seeds of our new intentions. This is an ideal time to do physical and mental purification rituals, grounding meditations, and extra self-care. We like to write down goals and plans for the next lunar month and set intentions during this time. Moonly provides some amazing tools for purifying your space from burning cleansing and fragrant herbs to using healing oils. They also provide an amazing library of calming sounds and mantras to bring harmony to the mind and body in this phase. 

Waxing Moon Rituals

The Waxing Moon signifies a period of growth and expansion. This phase carries increasing energy, making it an ideal time for initiating endeavors, nurturing ambitions, and setting intentions into motion. Start by defining clear intentions aligned with your aspirations, utilizing the rising energy to fuel your goals. Engage in creative pursuits, decision-making, and self-reflection to balance the waxing energy. The Waxing Moon encourages momentum and growth, providing an opportune window to align actions with your goals.

Infusing cannabis into your spiritual practices throughout the lunar cycle can deepen introspection and amplify connections with your inner self so we wanted to share some sostonedco tips for a mindful integration:

Intentional Alignment: Start by setting clear intentions aligned with the lunar cycle. Use cannabis mindfully to enhance focus or relaxation while aligning with these intentions. Choose strains that resonate with your goals, aiding in the amplification of your intentions during practices like meditation or intention-setting rituals.

Enhanced Mindfulness: Cannabis can be an amazing way to elevate mindfulness practices. Select strains that complement your desired experiences, whether it's promoting relaxation or deepening self-awareness. Engage in mindful activities, such as yoga or deep breathing exercises, to enhance self-reflection and present-moment awareness.

Amplified Self-Reflection: Utilize cannabis to enrich reflective practices during the lunar phases. Opt for strains known for fostering creativity or introspection. Use journaling or artistic expression to explore your thoughts and emotions deeply. Cannabis can serve as an enhancer, intensifying the depth of your introspective experiences.

Release and Renewal Rituals: During appropriate phases, consider using cannabis mindfully in rituals centered around release and renewal. Choose strains that promote relaxation and a sense of letting go. Engage in rituals symbolizing release, allowing cannabis to support this process and facilitate a sense of emotional and mental renewal.

While Moonly understands and respects that personal preferences and experiences vary, the use of the app is not associated with cannabis consumption. Remember, mindful and responsible cannabis use aligns with personal preferences and local regulations. Approach it as a supportive tool in your spiritual journey, enhancing self-exploration and inner connections throughout the entire lunar cycle. 

We're thrilled to pair up with Moonly to announce a special giveaway for our readers—a chance to win one of three premium 1-year subscriptions to Moonly, empowering you to enrich your moon ritual practices!

How to participate? Simply visit our IG post (link here), give it a like, follow @moonlyapp and @sostonedco, and tag a friend you'd love to share some lunar magic with for a shot at winning! Winners will be revealed on January 5th, 2024.

As we dive into the world of lunar energies and mindful cannabis practices, we uncover a path to enhanced wellness. The moon's rhythmic cycles offer a blueprint for self-reflection, intention setting, and transformative rituals, guiding us toward deeper connections and personal growth. Explore moon rituals as a wellness tool for the year ahead. Engage in these practices intentionally to shape your journey toward a balanced and fulfilling life.

Make sure to take part in the giveaway for a chance to win one of three premium 1-year subscriptions. Enhance your wellness journey, leveraging lunar wisdom for harmony and self-awareness. Embrace this opportunity to elevate your wellness routine and embark on a transformative lunar voyage.

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