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Celebrate Earth Day with Eco-Friendly Cannabis Brands: A Sustainable Guide

Join the Sustainable Cannabis Movement: Elevate Your Earth Day Experience

As Earth Day approaches, it's the perfect time to reflect on our impact on the planet and discover ways to minimize our footprint. What better way to celebrate than by indulging in some environmentally conscious cannabis products? Here's how you can enjoy Earth Day with eco-friendly cannabis brands that are committed to sustainability and reducing their carbon footprint.

Take a Sustainable Stroll with Stone Road:

Spark up for a high walk around your neighborhood for some fresh air and sunshine with an eco-friendly brand like Stone Road. This incredible fully solar-powered brand sources its water from an artesian well and uses biodynamic farming practices that go beyond organic and are always pesticide-free. They use recyclable packaging and are made from recycled goods and we love that they are constantly looking for better ways to reduce their carbon footprint..

Hike Responsibly with Aster Farms:

Go for a stoned hike with another amazing brand, Aster Farms, which uses organic regenerative farming for their cannabis using living soil, practices responsible water use, and uses sustainable glass packaging rather than plastic. We love supporting good brands who care about the earth! 

Indulge in a Botanical Adventure with Climate-Neutral Treats from Wyld:

Snack on a couple of gummies from Wyld and check out your local gardens to admire the beautiful plants of the earth. We love Wyld naturally flavored fruit gummies because not only are they tasty, but they are climate-neutral certified and they also use compostable packaging. They also are committed to supporting environmental conservation efforts, renewable energy, and waste reduction as well as doing their part in the community to help create a better earth. 

Clean Up with Ocean Cannabis CO:

Get lit and pick up litter at your local beach. (Or anywhere if you don’t live near a beach) You can do this either on your own, with some friends, or with a local volunteer group. Ocean Cannabis CO’s vapes are the perfect pairing for picking up trash since the whole brand was created as a way to reduce ocean trash. They source product packaging from 100% reclaimed and recycled ocean plastic. Each purchase of an Ocean Cannabis product recovers the equivalent of 15 straws or one water bottle’s worth of reclaimed plastic from our oceans. It is the hope of Ocean Cannabis Company to “smoke the ocean clean, one joint at a time.”

Garden Green with Pure Beauty:

Light up with a Pure Beauty preroll and plant some seeds in your garden or on your balcony to add to the beauty of Mother Earth. Pure Beauty is a great pairing for some gardening on earth day because they pull minimal water from the California tap and source most of their water for cultivation from the air. Because of this, their cultivation has very little runoff. They also opt for using bugs like roly-polys, earthworms and nematodes along with friendly bacteria, fungi and protozoa to create a “food web” that is more organic and teaming with life—helping to naturally prevent disease and plant-eating predators by working with the plant to provide nutrients and protection. Not only that, but they donate used soil to programs such as public parks. 

Picnic with Grön:

Have a picnic packed with your favorite foods and infused snacks. Check out the brand Grön which translates to green in Swedish. Grön is an edible brand that is committed to sustainability and reducing their carbon footprint. From using Vapor-Static Extraction, which uses only temperature and electromagnetic fields to separate cannabinoids from the plant material, which is only 1/14th of the energy required for conventional CO2 extraction, high-quality ingredients like quality sea salt and fair trade, single-origin cacao, eco-friendly packaging, and partnering with organizations that share their commitment to the planet. 

Ride Responsibly with Rose Los Angeles:

Bring some edibles with you on a bike ride/skate for some outdoor exercise and fun. We love Rose Delights from Rose Los Angeles. Rose Los Angeles is a brand that prides itself in sourcing incredible sustainably grown seasonal ingredients from local farmers and exclusively using organic flower rosin. Rose’s regenerative farm in California’s Sierra Foothills allows them to become better stewards of the planet while increasing the scope of their ingredients. What was originally considered unusable land, their harvests are now restoring the soil to a lushness that generates more than it consumes, which is a small but essential step towards becoming better stewards of our planet.

This Earth Day, make a difference by supporting eco-friendly cannabis brands that prioritize sustainability and environmental responsibility. Whether you're taking a stroll, hiking in nature, or enjoying a picnic, choose products that celebrate our planet and contribute to a greener future. Together, we can smoke, snack, and skate towards a more sustainable world.

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