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2020 Winter Wind Down

2020 has been...a lot. It has had ups, it has had downs and it has definitely been a year of learning. As the year is coming to a close this is an excellent time to do some winter wind down mindfulness and set yourself up for an amazing 2021!

Set Yourself Up For Success

They say that planning is half the battle, and we couldn't agree more. Setting yourself up to succeed not only makes the journey easier but helps reinforce your brain with the fact that your goals are accomplishable!

Step 1: Clean Slate!

We are all about an end of year Winter Wipedown. Take some time to clean your space and create the vibe you want for 2021. Create a home decor mood board to get inspiration and really make the most of your space. It is very easy to get distracted as you are scanning through Pinterest for inspiration (especially when you are nice and toasted) so make sure to time box this part of the process to make sure you have time to get to cleaning.

Step 2: Nix Temptations

It can be hard to go through a habit change. No one knows you better than yourself, so it is important to be honest about your struggles and obstacles when it comes to your goals and resolutions.

  1. Remove foods from your pantry that you want to eliminate from your diet.

  2. Research healthy alternatives to stock your fridge up with tasty and healthy treats!

  3. If you know you need to stick to a budget financially, start prepping things to support that change. (I.e. allocate flowers for each day the week using a vitamin container to prevent overindulging, meal plan ahead of time, etc.)

Step 3: Reflection & Goal Setting

Take some time to think about what you have achieved this year, what you have learned, and what you are grateful for! We recommend writing this in a journal and pairing this activity with a creative and restorative strain.

Now focus on what you learned during 2020, that will serve you in the new year. Create a goal set of long term and short term goals that you want to hit by year-end.

For an even deeper mindful moment check out our Winter Tea Meditation!

Keep At It

It is easy to start off the year feeling motivated, and have that energy dip down throughout the year. Set up achievable goals and remain consistent to stay motivated, and reach your 2021 goals!

Step 1: Monthly Intentions

Set up some time at the end of each month to set an intention for the next. This can be done ahead of time but reflecting on what was good, and what can be improved each month can help make this even more valuable!

Step 2: Pause Vs Panic

Be patient and kind to yourself. There are days where it is hard to be constant with our routines. Just because you have to take a pause does not mean that you have to start over, or that your progress is ruined. Everything in life is a balance, and each day is a new opportunity to start again. Remember your intentions, and why you want to make positive change and keep yourself moving forward, even when facing pauses or obstacles.

Step 3: Achievable Goals

We know you are ready to tackle the world! Sometimes it can get overwhelming if we focus on a single large goal, break it down into time windows.

  • Daily Goals

  • Weekly Goals

  • Monthly Goals

  • and Yearly Goals

Remember to track progress and reflect and assess as you move through the year.

Step 4: Reward Yourself

Acknowledge the work you are putting in to grow and thrive in 2021. When you reach goals celebrate them! Remember to treat-yo-self and let's let 2021 be the year of thriving & flourishing!

Start The Year Off With Some Extra Pampering

Speaking of pampering! Treating yourself to some self-care and spa goodness is a great way to wind down the year! Here are some of our favorite NYE self-care treat treats!

1: Soak Your Worries Away

We love the Lavender Champagne CBD bath bomb from Remedy Oil! Indulge yourself in a healing and infused canna-bath to unwind. Pair this with your favorite facemask and strain for a relaxing and luxurious bath.

2: Pop the Canna-Pagne

Treat your tastebuds and mind with some canna-cocktails. Some of our favorites this year are:

3: Celebrate Yourself

It might feel kind of corny, but this is the perfect time to remind yourself how awesome you are. Do some positive affirmations about why you kick ass before heading to sleep NYE. Make this a regular nightly practice through 2021 to keep the good vibes going!

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