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The Smoke Screenings: Filmmaker K$K Launches Digital Movie Screenings For Women in Film & Cannabis

Photo credit: @_Venusian

The Hussle Lab, a digital community celebrating all women in the film industry through empowerment and the promotion of intersectionality, is launching the first installment of the “Smoke Screenings”, a virtual digital film screening and cannabis series on Thursday, October 8th at 7 PM EST- 9 PM EST with filmmaker K$K.

The Smoke Screenings aims to start a conversation into the exploration of intersectionality and the influence of women in the film and cannabis industry. This series specifically explores the experiences rooted in being a woman involved in cannabis distribution and the emotional experience of being a female “plug.” The inaugural event will include a panel discussion moderated by K$K showcasing several industry speakers, the film screening followed by a Q&A with the cast and crew, and the highly anticipated debut of K$K's new film The Takeover (2020), in addition to its prequel, Walked In (2019) which was selected in both the Chicago Underground Film Festival and the Winnipeg Underground Film Festival.

The Hussle Lab is committed to community involvement and changing the narrative of cannabis criminalization, and in the spirit of this effort throughout the event, The Hussle Lab will be opening donations to The Last Prisoner’s Project.

K$K the founder, of The Hussle Lab (and one of our canna-crushes), started the project from her Brooklyn apartment; "My girlfriends would stop in while I was editing, we would smoke and talk about life. I wanted to re-create that vibe of uplifting smoke sessions among womxn artists but on a larger more accessible scale."

Drawn to film and music at a young age, she found a pathway to merge her love of experimental film and video with her love of rap music to showcase a window into her life experiences through her art. "My films are just about my real life, and my work in cannabis is a huge part of my day to day reality. I felt compelled to share because no one is making work about the emotional landscape of a woman working in weed."

K$K is crushing the canna-stigma of the lazy stoner and making waves in the film and canna-space all while rolling the most perfect joints even with her super long nails! She stated what she thinks most people get wrong about the canna community. "People think we are laid back. I’m not laid back, I’m ambitious and aggressive, and a little weed is not going to change that."

We highly recommend checking out the launch of The Smoke Screenings on October 8th, starting at 7 pm, we will definitely be tuning in! Along with keeping an eye out for future projects from The Hussle Lab and K$K.

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