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Sarah Polansky, Founder of Prismatic Plants Talks Plant Based Healing, Traditional Medicine & More

We were so excited to chat with Sarah Polansky, Founder of Prismatic Plants, about plant-based healing, traditional medicine, and beyond! Prismatic does a beautiful job of putting health into the hands of the people and providing pathways to elevated education and tools for plant-based wellness which is so important in today's world. The company is rooted in passion and compassion for those suffering from chronic stress-driven illnesses and lets people drive the mission as opposed to a financial bottom line. Sarah has used this company pillar as a north star for the brand. “This business was never about cashing in on the green rush. It was always, how do we put out products that get people more interested in plant-based medicine and taking more personal advocacy in their own health. We lead with this vision in all of our endeavors. We don't see business building as separate from this, it's about how do we get our product and message into more people’s hands. And internally, it's about creating a supply chain where regardless of growth, we are good to people and the planet. This looks like aligning with nonprofits in need that match our ethos and creating a sustainable supply chain.”

Prismatic Plants was born from Sarah’s own experiences with chronic health issues. She was left feeling exhausted, sick and feeling that something was not right. After becoming very ill from a parasite and being over-prescribed antibiotics, she could barely tolerate any food and maintaining a balance with health demands and life seemed impossible. It was at this point that she turned to alternative plant-based medicines. She discovered the magic of CBD, CBDa, and CBN for fighting inflammation, decreasing stress and helping her body heal itself naturally. By combining adaptogens, cannabinoids and edible essential oils, she was able to decrease stress, find focus and enjoy life for the first time in years. “At the heart of it, there is so much I have learned between gut health and whole body health including mental health. I had great imbalances in my gut health from being over-prescribed antibiotics and it was and is a journey to come back from this plus a lifestyle of chronic stress. It destroyed my immunity and my joie de vivre. Despite dark times, my determination to feel better made me buckle down and do a ton of research on how to heal.”

Sarah also noted one of the things most often discounted from our society, “The body wants to heal, but we often get in its way. This is where plant allies come in to help nudge us in the right direction. It's all about reconnecting with the earth’s energies and the many healing powers the natural world possesses. I wanted to channel that natural healing power by using all three: adaptogens, cannabinoids, and edible essential oils. I don't ever talk about these products as a ‘cure-all’, but part of your daily wellness tool kit.“ We couldn’t agree more!

Prismatic goes beyond just helping provide pathways to self-service natural healing, they are also a brand that gives back and is conscientious about their global footprint. Sarah is very conscious of adding to the planet's waste and environmental issues, and has prioritized sustainable choices as a brand, “We support regenerative agriculture and organic, sustainable farms. We use recyclable and post consumer waste materials. No plastic! We source most of our items nationally to reduce our carbon footprint.”

We are all about improving representation and diversity within the cannabis and plant medicine space at SoStonedCo. We love how Prismatic Plants beautifully highlights women at the intersection of plant medicine and herbology. We chatted with Sarah about why this has been a priority for the brand, and how segments like Womxn & Herbs came to be. “It all came down to building community. There is so much to learn from one another on how to invite plants into your life. We wanted to create a forum to facilitate this and highlight different women’s stories. Some are more cannabis focused and some are broader in all kinds of edible herbalism. We’ve learned that for many women (and people), cannabis is the gateway plant for herbalism and learning more about other potent plants. People are realizing you don't need to pop a pill to feel better. There are just as effective (if not more) plant-based options that are better for you with less side effects.”

We fell in love with Prismatic’s gorgeous blend of minimal, educational and aesthetic driven designs, that Sarah defined as “Strange Magic”! She draws from her design experience to create a seamless experience for viewers. “The creative sauce is one of my favorite things about building this business. I come from a design background so aesthetics are always top-of-mind for me.”

Prismatic also incorporates, educates and holds space on ancient/traditional plant medicines throughout their products, content, and conversations. It is so important to hold on to the wisdom of natural healing, and not lose the wisdom of the healing power that is provided in the nature around us. Sarah spoke to us about the missed opportunity that we run into when we disregard these more traditional methods of healing and wellness, “We have 1000’s of years of plant-based and healing knowledge that western medicine has disregarded. We are energetic, spiritual beings that allopathic medicine doesn't fully understand. There is a reason practices like manifesting and meditation are so popular even if science doesn't understand how it all works. It's important to stay on the path of exploration rather than a firm place of fact. Take acupuncture for instance, this well-known form of therapy wasn't accepted by allopathic medicine until recently after the scientific community conducted research studies which proved the efficacy of acupuncture treatments. Now healthcare is starting to accept acupuncture as a method of covered treatment. What we know about our physiology today is just the tip of the iceberg, and sometimes it's about unlearning and relearning.”

The brand does an amazing job of making plant medicine feel less intimidating, and helps forge pathways for people to re-integrate with their most natural self. “For most people plant medicine is either scary or woo woo. People forget that humans are nature too. We are part of the natural world and meant to coexist, consume, and immerse ourselves in plants. I’ve always found it fascinating that where nature contains a poison, it also offers the antidote in the same habitat.”

When it comes to favorite products Sarah has a few that are in her current rotation! Some of her current faves include Quim, Rose Los Angeles, Summerland Ceramics, and kikoko. “Some of these brands are women-owned and others are just creating amazing high quality products for this space.”

When it comes to the future of nature integration and plant medicine, Sarah is excited for a deeper understanding of our synergies and relationship with nature, which will be an important next step, “I think beyond medicinal compounds in plants, understanding a plant’s energetics and how it interacts with your own body’s energy when you ingest it.” We can’t wait to see what unfolds as the community dives deeper into all of the opportunities and gifts that are provided to us through nature.

We love a manifestation moment here at SoStonedCo, and Prismatic is manifesting expansion into more holistic spas in the next year. They have already had tremendous growth, mentions, and moments, from partnering with Miss Grass, being published in Elle, and having some big fans like Jessica Alba mention their gorgeous products on IG. A huge milestone was also landing their product line on the shelves of Erewhon Premium Grocer, near LAX. We know that the best is yet to come for Prismatic Plants and we can’t wait to see what’s next for the team! To learn more about Prismatic Plants check out their site and follow them on IG @prismaticplants.

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