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Product Spotlight: Nugg Club Cannabis Subscription Box

SoStonedCo's, Mandee finally got to try the Nugg Club Subscription box! A home delivery subscription cannabis box! Mandee was able to dive-in and review with her first Nugg Club unboxing.

Price & Products

The first questions we had were; Is the service was overpriced? Are the products of high quality? We wanted to get these answered right away. The price value listed on the site is that you get $225 worth of cannabis products for only $99 (plus tax), which seemed like a great deal to us!

Looking at the brands they work with, they all seemed like legitimate & premium quality products. They support flexible subscription frequency and can curate your package based on consumption preference (flower, edibles, pre-rolls, and vapes) and strain preference (Indica, Sativa, or hybrids).

You can also choose from their add-ons to include some extra goodies with your order, all at wholesale prices! We also found several popular canna-brands we hadn't heard of before, that we would love to sample in future boxes.

To order, you just set up your delivery date and time frame, making sure that you’re there to show your ID when they arrive. Unfortunately for those outside of the LA and OC areas, they haven’t started delivering outside of those regions. However, they are currently working on expanding to more California locations as of now. Another great part of the subscription is it can be canceled easily at any point if you should choose to discontinue.

Unboxing Day


I knew when the driver was going to be arriving with my delivery, thanks to text updates from the company similar to food delivery apps. A nice, friendly, (and masked) driver holding what felt like the best Christmas gift ever, asked for my ID to confirm, then quickly gave me my box. I started to get super hyped and excited to see what goodies I was about to unwrap. It felt like stoner Christmas for sure. It even had a cute little “don’t look at my butt” written on the bottom of the box.

The Unboxing:

As soon as you open the box, there’s a cardboard sleeve filled with information on some of the brands included to allow you to learn more about the products you’re about to consume and the top of the box read “Hey, I’m you’re rolling tray” on the inside. We truly appreciated the cute and fun packaging and the flower strains included had some cool designs on their premium craft cannabis. You could already tell by the smell that they were giving you some good stuff.

All of the products were pretty dank and it was fun to try new stuff we hadn’t really seen or tried before. Each box is going to have different items every month so you can keep trying new things!

We wanted a variety of THC products to try for our first order so our box included Madrone Sherbalistic (Sativa hybrid) flower, Dreamland Cannabis Growers Bling (Indica) flower, Heavy hitters strawberry gummies, Oasis hard candies, a Select Elite Sour Kush vape cartridge, and a Loud+Clear Gorilla Snacks live resin-infused vape cartridge, and a lighter. All of the items had us feeling nice and buzzy and really good overall!


We were very pleased with our first box and think most stoners would love it. (Unless you’re a mega weed connoisseur and super picky, in that case, check out the brands they work with and see if you approve!)

We’ve definitely spent more money on just the two 1/8ths of flower alone so our first question was why hadn’t we done this before? There’s just something really joyful and exciting about getting a box of cannabis goodies each month, so we’re kind of obsessed now.

Another great thing is you can get and give discounts through things like referrals and shout-outs on Insta. This is just one of quite a few companies doing subscription weed boxes now, and we definitely want to try all of the ones we can!

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