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Meet Kelsea Smith: Realtor, Business Baddie, Designer and Beyond

Productive, innovative, creative and balanced are all traits that we would use to describe Kelsea Smith. We spoke with high-functioning "canna-individual" about balancing business with canna-consumption and stigma-change.

Kelsea Smith is making waves in the real estate community with her knowledge-hungry, entrepreneurial personality. She is constantly working on several projects and keeping busy in the best way possible. Despite her busy schedule, Kelsea carved out some time to chat with us about her personal experiences with using cannabis and balancing that with her round the clock to-do list.

Based in Los Angeles, the canna-prenuer was introduced to the canna-community in college, "I realized I was able to work and explore my thoughts more, sleep better, and most importantly relieve some stress."

Kelsea was able to incorporate canna-usage into her routine. "As soon as I wake up I am extremely hypersensitive and ready to consume information. I usually take my daily dose at 6:30 am while I do research, create a game plan, and fill in my planner. It’s a euphoric feeling... Doing this narrows my focus, because I naturally wake up ready to execute the day."

Kelsea was drawn to real estate, as a community-based person. She saw the opportunity to bridge the educational gaps in the space to a younger segment. She believes in educating millennials about generational wealth and providing them with the tools they need to invest in a knowledgeable and beneficial way.

She has found ways to enhance her work by incorporating canna-products. "A lot of my work consists of building relationships and calling homeowners. Before talking to anyone I drink my morning herbal tea, smoke, and drink coffee because it sets the tone of my conversation. I get into my flow where it allows me to be chatty enough to break the ice to any conversation, especially cold calling people you have never met in your life. In my experience, it eliminates anxieties and makes me more energy sensitive."

Kelsea wants to change the stigma that members of the canna-community are lazy or do not have real jobs. She believes that canna-consumption can help people alleviate stressful situations and relax. In her own words, it can save people from a lot of drama, explanations, justifications, and provide time for them to remain zen and unbothered. Kelsea is also excited to see positive changes in the canna-space, "It is becoming normalized as time progresses especially with senior citizens and chronically ill patients."

When she does have free time, you can catch Kelsea blazing her favourite strain, Runtz, and crushing a killer workout at Los Angeles hiker staple, Runyon Canyon. "Before I go to Runyon with my friend, I take a hit or two so that I am more giggly, loosened up and motivated. It definitely uplifts me, my friend will tell you that she looks forward to always being around me because I am always uplifted and motivated." Kelsea is a big believer in working out every day and recommends getting your sweat sesh on early in the day to start off on the right foot and tackle all your to-do's for the day.

Whether it is her stunning interior designs, her jaw-dropping travel adventures or her killer workouts Kelsea's entrepreneurship, balance and drive are incredibly inspiring to see, and part of why she is definitely one of SoStonedCo's Canna-Crushes. The canna-community is lucky to have such a badass and inspirational woman as a member.

You can follow Kelsea's jet-setter lifestyle on her Instagram account here!

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