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Medly Supper Club Talks NYC Luxury Cannabis, Stigma, Dinner Parties, and Beyond!

Medly Supper Club is a micro-dosed luxury dining experience based in NYC. They are at the intersection of dining and cannabis. They are setting the table for intentional conversations around the future of the New York cannabis industry and exploring the possibilities when it comes to the future of luxury cannabis consumption. We were thrilled to talk with the Medly team about the work they are doing to elevate, educate and break stigma within the space.

Over the past three years, Medly has been setting the platform for intentional engagement via their amazing events and conversations. Since 2018, they have been doing several formats of consumption events; speakeasies, music showcases, campaign fundraisers, etc. that they have continued to expand upon as the cannabis climate and policies have shifted. “As the stigma of cannabis continued to ease up, we began the Supper Club in order to get ahead of the larger national conversation. We wanted to introduce a more refined atmosphere to cannabis consumption while also providing a platform for industry leaders to come together and discuss how to shape the future of cannabis culture and industry in NYC and beyond. There is so much excitement over the next 18 months since NYS legalized in April.”

Medly Supper Club showcases cannabis in a beautiful elevated and luxurious way via their events. From their beautiful locations to the stunning and drool-worthy dishes on their menu. Part of what is so beautiful about Medly Supper Club, is that they go beyond the delicious end elevated food and dive into starting conversations amongst those attending.“

“Medly as an organization was created in part to make the emerging cannabis industry and culture in NYC accessible to traditionally excluded groups; these are women, people of color, and queer folks. Those of us in NY who have built legacy businesses have a responsibility to figure out what a fully legal market infrastructure means for us and our futures. What are the strategies for preparing to enter a brand new formal market? Who are we building with now to ensure we are not left out in the next 18 months? These are the conversations and questions we are posing.”

We are so excited about Medly’s upcoming dinner party in Tribeca on July 17th! This event will be more intimate than Medly’s past family-style dinners, due to covid restrictions. “We’ll be individually plating a 3-course, micro-infused meal (meaning between 2.5-4mg of THC per plate) with bites and dessert. We’re so excited to be able to host our first event since the pandemic, and Spring Studios is an incredible space in Tribeca. Expect great views, great people, and great conversation on one of Tribeca’s most stylish rooftop views. Oh, and the gift bags are fun too.”

Chef Andrew Gerson will be putting together the amazing food for the event. ” Andrew is an east coast native (hey Philly!), a graduate of the University of Gastronomic Sciences in Pollenzo, Italy, and a Super Dad and husband. He has worked as the head chef at the Brooklyn Brewery. While we have worked with other chefs in the past, Gerson is the head chef for Medly Supperclub. We’re excited for folks to enjoy his food!” This year’s menu showcases delicious dishes including Island Creek oysters, king salmon Crudo, chilled marinated daikon, and several other tasty treats!

Similar to past events, the July 17th event will be centered around an intentional conversation. The dinner discussion is set around the future of New York’s luxury cannabis industry, a topic that Medly is rooted around and very passionate about. “New York City has the position of being the largest marketplace in the world. And because it took us so long to legalize in our state, we have the opportunity to use those precedents to create a more effective, dynamic, and accessible marketplace that also really allows for long-term social equity for those members of our communities that have traditionally been criminalized at worst and left out at best of a multi-trillion dollar industry.”

For those of you who would like to attend this beautiful 3-course dinner and discussion, tickets are still available here for purchase. For anyone who can’t make this event and is feeling some FOMO, don’t fret! There are some amazing future events in the works to keep an eye out for. “Follow us @medly.ny and @medly.supperclub to stay up to date on our daily moves and monthly programming! Like I mentioned before, we have hosted a bunch of different formats and we’re eager to do it all up again. We’re always interested in novel collaborations as well.”

Part of what we love about Medly is the way they are building important bridges in the cannabis space when it comes to representation and inclusivity. “There is no hiding from the fact that this industry is male-dominated. We’ve always kept that in mind when team-building, when incubating other up and comers in the industry, and when creating cultures of engagement in our programming. Whether it’s a luxury fine-dining experience, music showcase, or speakeasy; we’re creating spaces for everyone – but especially women and queer folks -- to feel comfortable exploring their relationship and contributing to cannabis culture.”

When it comes to inspiration, Medly is motivated and inspired by the evolution of the perception of cannabis and the endocannabinoid system as a whole .”On the one hand, there’s the ongoing research on the endocannabinoid system and the incredibly wide spectrum of applications that all of this research is implying (although much is still to be learned). Cannabis has been a counterculture substance for so long, it is vindicating to see our understanding of it evolve into a kind of super-medicine. On the other hand, there is the vast economic potential that the emerging industry represents. We’re inspired to build a socially impactful business based on a plant that we love! So many others in this industry are motivated by the same; it’s a refreshing ethos that you may not see in other industries. We hope it lasts.”

We are so excited about all of the amazing work Medly is doing, along with the conversations, platforms, and pathways they are creating and providing to the cannabis space! We were honored to speak with the team, and can’t wait to check out more of their amazing dinners and events! To learn more about Medly, follow them on Instagram @medly.ny and @medly.supperclub!

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