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High & Healthy Week 3: Breath & Movement Hatha With A.RICH aka Mermaid

Workout Level: Beginner Friendly

Equipment Needed/Recommended: Yoga Mat & Joint (Or your favorite canna-consumable)

Workout Description: Hatha Breath & Movement Flow

Host Bio: A.RICH is the creator of Yoga with Mermaid, actor, and writer.

Workout Length: 26 minutes

Ari had no idea what Bikram meant when her friend invited her to a class. “I was completely dressed wrong and was high as hell. I walked into that room so confused about why the room was hot as fuck.” Relatable AF!

That heat lit a passion for yoga in Ari’s heart, which lead her to start Yoga with Mermaid last December. “I am currently completing my hours to get my certificate for teaching from Yoga Blue Fitness School.” The name Yoga with Mermaid stems from Ari’s love of the mythological water spirits. “I am mermaid everything (laugh)”

When it comes to fitness, Ari has found benefits in enhancing her fitness practice with cannabis. “ The benefits I have found are relaxing nicely into meditation and the body. It is a beautiful way to get grounded.”

She also finds that it allows her to tap into her mindfulness and stay in the moment. “One of the biggest benefits canna-products provide within the fitness space is the focus!”

For people struggling to stay motivated or get started with their fitness practice, she says the time is now! “ Stop talking about it and just do it. Self-discipline is very important, and something you should be strengthening within yourself every day. Read books that talk about brain hacks. Stop making excuses for yourself. We are on this earthly plane in a borrowed earthy body for a purpose. The world needs the best version of you.” She expanded on the following for people starting a new routine in 2021, “ Be kind to yourself, number one. And to be very realistic about your tangible steps to reach your goal, number two.” We could not agree more!

Ari recommends the strong but gentle sun salutation practice for people just getting started with fitness and/or yoga. “This is a nice flow to be familiar with and be able to flow into at any point without thought.”

Ari began acting in high school. “I always had multiple personalities, and when I found a space where I could express and tap into them, I fell in love.” When it comes to writing she started focusing on writing over a year ago. “I always had ideas and storylines, so I decided to take a writing class. My thought process too was that I want to be creating my work rather than waiting for someone to decide they want to book me.”

She has also found that cannabis can positively contribute when it comes to the screen or the script. “With acting, I’ll do exercises that help me explore more layers of the character. With writing, it can benefit if I decided to allow my mind to explore different ways the journey of the story could go.”

Ari also became introduced to cannabis in high school, “ Of course what I was smoking in high school is nothing like what I am smoking now.”

She has faced stigma here and there but faces it with stride, “ I have heard little shit here and there. I honestly and truly do not give a fuck. If you do not like it, you do not need to be around me. The only thing I altered is how I smoke in the rising before work.”

She believes there is a lot for people to learn about the cannabis community when it comes to misconception. “ They may assume the worst about you, or that you could do better in life. Some people even process it as you doing drugs.”

As someone who is always juggling multiple projects, Ari has mastered going with the flow. She had is all about finding what feels right when it comes to daily routines. “I heard someone say recently that there is no such thing as balance, you have to figure out and do what works for you. I figured out a morning routine that works for me beautifully. And I am always open to tweaking it for myself when necessary. I plan, to prioritize my responsibilities and work on time management, to execute efficiently.”

When it comes to keeping productive, Ari’s secret ingredient is keeping hydrated. “When I am smoking and need to stay productive, I make sure to stay hydrated. I have my water, and then I have my coffee or tea. I keep moving, whether that means a workout or a hands-on project.”

When it comes to what’s next we are super excited to see Ari’s work on the big screen! She is working on shooting one of the scrips she wrote this year. The fact that Ari is driven by the peace of mind and healing that fitness does for my mind, body, and soul shows in her spirit and what a wonderful person she is.

We want to thank her for putting together this beautiful Hatha breath and movement flow, “ I have been studying Hatha Yoga. It involves a lot of breathing through poses and the pace can be slower. Breathing is so important, and so many people are not breathing enough.’

To learn more about Ari and see more of her workouts follow her on her Instagram @thamermaid, and Subscribe to her on YouTube @thamermaid here.

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