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Faded Artist Feature: CasanovaOnTheMic talks Cannabis, Love, Creativity, and Beyond!

We instantly were vibing to CasanovaOnTheMic when we heard her clean lyrics and beats. She won Guam’s IMA Best Breakout Artist 2019 and is one of the amazing performers at our Aug 20th Virtual Ani-birthday SoStonedCo event.

She found her love & passion for music and hip hop from real-life situations she has witnessed throughout her life, “Most of my music comes from people's experiences. I create stories about real-life situations that my friends and family go through.” Drawing inspiration from God, NF, Avicii, and Ne-Yo, she has some amazing & fresh songs that keep us vibing on the dance floor. We are obviously huge fans of her canna-friendly bop Bounce Back!

Being from an island, she wasn’t really introduced to cannabis until she was 16. Since then, knowledge and viewpoints on cannabis have expanded. She uses cannabis to expand her mind, and not just tune out. It was for just this reason that she began to incorporate cannabis into her music“ I use cannabis to create and also to speak of it in a creative way and not just saying ‘Hey I’m High’. Cannabis allows CasanovaOnTheMic to be creative and relax. When it comes to consignment she prefers the classic; to just roll one up and spark it. Her favorite strains being Blue Dream (Sativa) and Freddy’s Fuego.

When it comes to dream collaborations, CasanovaOnTheMic thinks beyond a single artist. “I’ve always wanted to collaborate with Avicii (R.I.P.), but my dream goal is to be able to connect people with my music. I like to let people feel love and the message to continue to be positive.”

She just released her amazing new Seattle-based music video on June 9, 2021, for her single Rewind feat. Rezzo.

We can’t wait to hear what is next with CasanovaOnTheMic and she is already working on getting some new tracks ready to go. “I got new music coming for this year and of course, I will be incorporating cannabis in my music.”

For younger artists just getting started CasanovaOnTheMic has the following advice, “Don’t stop! Don’t listen to the negative! Love yourself and what you do!” She lives this advice as someone who has faced stigma in music. “I’ve failed more than I’ve won, but when the victories come, it makes all those losses look like a stepping stool.”

It makes sense that she goes by this Susan Fales-Hill quote as a life motto, “If you’re too comfortable, it’s time to move on. Terrified of what’s next? You’re on the right track”, and she continues to keep on pushing towards growth and breaking boundaries and barriers.

When it comes to stigma, CasanovaOnTheMic also thinks there is a lot of growth that needs to happen when it comes to cannabis and the canna-community. “People look at them like they are druggies when they are clearly potheads. I know people who talk down on cannabis but have never tried it and they have done other drugs.”

She is most excited by the opportunity and stock in cannabis when it comes to the future of the industry. She also loves that the music and cannabis communities are about positivity, “Everyone just spreads love. That’s how life should be in general.” She is a big believer in cannabis not just being something you consume, “The cannabis lifestyle is amazing.” We couldn’t agree more!

We are super excited to have CasanovaOnTheMic performing at our August 20th event and that there are big things in store for this amazing singer, rapper, and songwriter. To learn more about her check out her YouTube Channel, Spotify, and Apple Music and follow her on Instagram @casanovaonthemic.

Stay tuned for more exciting details on our Instagram account for the upcoming Aug 20th Aniver-thday event where you can see CassanovaOnTheMic live!

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