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Dank Date Night Tips With Three Of Our Favorite IG Cannabis Couples

With February being all about love for us we wanted to talk with some of our fave IG canna-couples we love about their fave Dank Date Night activities.

Both Kaya and Pat had consumption experiences earlier in life. Check out Kaya and Pat’s full consumption stories on their blog. Both have found benefits from cannabis physically and mentally. Kaya finds relief for her anxiety and PTSD symptoms, while Pat uses cannabis as part of his pain management routine for his compressed spine, especially when it comes to sleeping.

For Kaya and Pat, cannabis content creation has been a shared passion, “It’s a shared passion that’s brought us closer! Having our page has given us something fun we can do together. It’s also nice having a partner who smokes so we can nerd out about strains and products together.” Pat added, “It gives us something to bond over and a shared activity when we’re taking photos. It’s also taught me a lot of patience to get that perfect shot 😂”

The two met in a dive bar in Salem MA via mutual friends. Kaya knew it was love when he made a big move, “ I knew it was love when he left his whole life behind to move to San Diego with me.” Pat had a much more intense realization when it came to realizing it was the L-word, “I knew it was love when Kaya went into anaphylactic shock a few months after we met and I was so scared because I hadn’t spent enough time with her yet and I knew she was special. “

Kaya & Pat’s favorite Canna Date activities are all about having fun. “Having a beach day, going skating, watching the sunset, bringing our dog to the dog beach, going hiking, driving around listening to music, watching movies and cuddling...basically just normal couple activities but we smoke during them.”

Their favorite Dank Date is a day at the beach! “We’ll usually bring products depending on where we’re going. Pre-rolls are great because they just keep burning, but if we’re in a surveilled area we’ll stick to vapes and edibles. We always bring Silipuffs joint holders too since our hands get wet and sandy. An umbrella is key to block the wind when you’re trying to smoke, and we always have speakers for some chill background music. Also, lots of snacks for when the munchies hit and plenty of water for dry mouth.” Love it!

When it comes to dipping your toe into the water when it comes to cannabis dates, the couple has the following advice for newbies, “Start slow and don’t overdo it. If you’re not a frequent cannabis user don’t try to eat a full pack of gummies or smoke 5 bongs in a row. Cannabis is meant to enhance the experience, not actually be the experience. If you can’t enjoy a skate sesh because your breathing is in manual mode what’s the point?”

When they are not having beachy adventures you can catch Kaya working on the politicalpotheads project. She started Political Potheads when she was sitting home in quarantine watching all the BLM protests and listening to all the hate being spread by Trump. “I was looking for a shirt that said ‘I don’t smoke with racists’ and I couldn’t find one, so I made some! I managed the admin side of a popular retail brand, so I mixed my business experience with my passion for politics and cannabis.

Kaya’s vision for the politicalpotheads project is one of creating a place for political voices from the cannabis community. “Many people assume potheads just spout conspiracy theories, but there’s actually so much that goes into the politics of cannabis and being a stoner. In the current political climate, I think it’s important to be bold and direct with what you want and what won’t be tolerated. The cannabis community specifically has so much racism and misogyny, we want to make it clear that type of behavior isn’t welcome here.”

Photo Credit: @tylertherapy

When it comes to cannabis, this couple thinks there is a lot of room for growth when it comes to viewing the plant as a medicine and not a drug. “Yes, it gets you high but a lot of people focus on that and don’t pay attention to the many healing benefits it has. People assume that if you smoke you’re a stupid stoner, but don’t understand most smokers use cannabis as a treatment, not just recreation.”

The couple is also very excited about cannabis legalization reform, “Cannabis has been criminalized for far too long, which most people know by now disproportionately affects the black community. It’s great to see this coming to the attention of the mainstream media, and hopefully, concrete legislative change is to follow.”

When it comes to what’s next, Kaya is looking forward to an upcoming girls' trip to Denver! “We haven’t been able to do many events or get-togethers, but I’ve been able to do a few small content trips with friends.”

We love everything about this gorgeous, outdoor adventure-loving, beachy couple and can’t wait to see what’s next from the two! To learn more about Kaya & Pat and their upcoming projects follow them on Instagram @behighbeyou.

Photo Credits: @sugarleafphoto

Tai and Jesse had their first experiences with cannabis early in life. Tai’s earliest experiences were smoking cannabis during her freshman year of high school, whereas Jesse had his first experiences in 8th grade.

The two have both been able to find pain and symptom relief from cannabis consumption. Tai suffers from Irritable Bowel Syndrome, and finds that cannabis helps her out tremendously.” It helps alleviate my stomach flare-ups and it allows me to eat on days where my IBS starts acting up.” Jesse has found benefits when it comes to his insomnia and from recovering from the physical wear and tear of skateboarding.

They have found that cannabis has also allowed them to be their authentic selves when it comes to the relationship.

When it comes to canna dates, Tai and Jesse are all about a city adventure, “We love to smoke, visit museums, arcades, or seasonal activities, etc followed by more smoking and then grabbing some delicious food - maybe try a new restaurant.”

The couple first met when Tai went for what she wanted in an Instagram DM, “I was following him on Instagram and one day I got the courage to message him to tell him that he was the most gorgeous man I’ve ever laid my eyes on.” She knew it was love when everything in their relationship moved with ease. Jesse quickly knew something was special when it came to Tai as well.

It was easy for the couple to pinpoint their favorite Canna Date Night, “It was about 3 years ago when we went to a Cannabis-Infused dinner at this Cannabis collective called Vehicle City Social located in Flint, Michigan. It was a Valentine's Day-based event.” They recommend checking out your local area, If you live in a Cannabis friendly state, for any Cannabis-Based Companies offer related events in your area for participation if you are looking for infused date ideas.

For couples just getting started with cannabis, Tai and Jessie shared the following advice for first-timers, “Get used to consuming on a personal level before going out in public to do activities. Once comfortable, begin to explore your options and have fun with it.”

When it comes to what's next for the two, both are working on exciting upcoming projects. Tai is working on a collab with a major Cannabis Brand in Michigan, “I don’t want to speak on it just yet until products are released, but just know I’m really stoked about it.”

Jesse is working on new music, “I have a lot of newer music dropping this year followed by Music Videos, new collabs, shoots with photographers, etc. You can find my music on all platforms if you search SVNTVNV and a lot of my newer content on Instagram if you search @mr_svntvnv.”