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Canna-Chef Cynthia Sestito Talks Cooking, Microdosing, Sweet Treats and Beyond

Photo Credit: Meridith Major | IG: @mj_major_design

We got a chance to virtually sit down with the amazing Cynthia Sestito and talk about cooking, cannabis, and the specular adventures that led her to her amazing career as an innovative celebrity canna-chef. Watch the full interview above, and make sure to keep an eye out for some of her exciting upcoming projects!

Cynthia is currently working on publishing her memoir, which accounts her years of daring adventures in the world of food and celebrity. She is also currently focused on expanding The Cookery Cyn and Trudy with her business partner Trudy Craney. You will definitely want to check out their mouth-watering menu at The seasonal and gorgeous menu showcases delicacies like grilled lobster, orange fig mascarpone cheesecake, artisanal cookies, and beyond (we know it had us drooling).

As if a business expansion and writing a book wasn’t enough, Cynthia is also working on an exciting cannabis-based video project, that we cannot wait to hear more about!

Last, but definitely not least, leave it to this powerhouse and dynamo of a person to also be working on publishing her recipe book CYNFULY-CANNABIS. You will be able to find the sweet and comforting recipes she shared with us below, along with several other ‘Cynfully’ delicious goodies in the book!

We were so honored and thrilled that we had the opportunity to speak with such a genuine, inspiring, and wonderful person, and cannot wait to see what's next! To learn more about Cynthia and her upcoming projects, follow her on Instagram at cynfulfood_ and check out her websites and

Photo Credit: Meridith Major | IG: @mj_major_design

Sweet & Delicious Recipes From Cynthia Sestito CYNFULY-CANNABIS

Cynthia has shared some of the delicious sweet treats she showcases in her upcoming recipe book CYNFULY-CANNABIS. These are perfect for an indulgent self-care treat or a romantic dessert to end the night (or start it ).

Photo Credits: Meridith Major | IG: @mj_major_design

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