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Canna Buffalo Fried Cauliflower with Chef Jenn Felmley

We love all of Chef Jenn Cook’s amazing and delicious recipes! We were thrilled to chat with her about cannabis cooking, classes, and advice.

Jenn’s first cooking memories are at home with her family. “My earliest cooking lessons came from my Grandmother, she is still a huge inspiration to me. I also went to Johnson & Wales University. I received degrees in both Culinary Arts and Culinary Nutrition. I would also say I learned a lot from traveling and living in other countries (I have lived in Italy, England, And Germany). Tasting foods from around the world has had a huge impact on my cooking.”

Jenn’s personal cooking style is what she calls Rustic California Cuisine. “This incorporates flavor profiles from around the world while cooking seasonally with the best of what is available locally. My goal is to serve you a plate of food that both satisfies and evokes food memories from your past.”

She is inspired by one of our favorite cooks, Julia Child. “ She took a style of food that had once been considered only for the elite (French cuisine) and made it approachable for all. I hope one day I can do that with cannabis cooking. Take away people’s fear of the unknown and make it approachable for all.” Love it!

When it comes to strains to infuse or cook with Jenn loves ones heavy in Alpha-Pinene for most savory dishes but can’t pick favorites in the kitchen. “Picking just one strain to cook with is like asking me which of my children is my favorite. I love them all and at times I love some more than others. When picking a strain to cook with look for complementary flavors. Like if I was making a dish with rosemary I would go with a strain high in Alpha-Pinene (like an OG Kush or Blue Dream)”

When it comes to her personal consumption, Jenn loves them all! “I rarely smoke. I love drinkables, topicals, and edibles. For pain management, RSO and FSO are my go-to.”

For people just starting to jump into cannabis cooking check out Jenn’s cooking tips on her YouTube channel and Instagram for all tips and recipes. She also shared a great dressing tip, that we will be whipping up immediately! ”I hate buying salad dressing, you end up getting stuck with the same salad every time. My go-to is adding oil, spices, vinegar, sweetener (honey, agave, maple, etc.), and mustard (avoid the yellow stuff) into an empty spice bottle. Shake to combine. This is the perfect amount for 1 or 2 salads.”

We are also super excited about Jenn’s upcoming Virtual Sushi Making Class on April 23rd! She is teaming up with Catalina Offshore Products to host a fun, virtual experience featuring their signature sushi-making kit, sushi-grade fish & hands-on interaction. To learn more check out the event page here!

To learn more about Chef Jenn please follow her on Instagram @chefjenncooks and check out her site

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