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Baked Beauty Guru & Founder of Party with Ari Arianna Linn Talks Makeup, Consumption, and Genuity

Arianna is a GirlBoss with a vision of removing intimidation from the Beauty industry while normalizing cannabis use. She discovered her passion for makeup at a young age, which she attributes to her mother who was a cosmetologist, "I didn’t inherit her love for hair but makeup stuck with me. It was quality time I got to spend with my mom watching her in her element."

Arianna saw gaps in both the makeup and cannabis markets. She is a personal consumer who was introduced to cannabis at 18 at her best friend's house. " Prior to that night, I was honestly scared to try it. My family was adamantly against it and as a slight control freak, I didn’t want to not be in control of my body. Now, being 25-years-old, I have smoked weed since the day I tried it." She attributes remarkable benefits from her consumption, "I can function day-to-day with joy and optimism in my heart. My anxiety manifests in a heavy, sometimes consuming way. Cannabis allows me to be myself. "

She thought that both the Cannabis and Beauty Industries needed a major reboot when it came to accessibility. "My brand philosophy is to remove the intimidation out of the Beauty industry while normalizing cannabis use...I want to be a genuine brand in a sea of insincerity."

As Arianna took the journey from canna-consumer to canna-preneur her personal thoughts on cannabis evolved, as well. "I no longer misunderstand and fall victim to the stigma cannabis has faced. I believe cannabis as a holistic lifestyle is vital to me personally. I use cannabis on a daily basis and in no way does it inhibit me from being my best self. In fact, I have discovered new inner strengths by using cannabis throughout my daily and spiritual life."

And although her views on canna-stigma have changed, she still faces stigmas. "I have faced not being taken seriously as a woman, business owner, student, and makeup artist because there is a connotation that people who use cannabis are not intelligent or are unprofessional. I have also been viewed as having low standards in general because I consume cannabis."

These generalizations and stigmas can be even more intense when people view Arianna as a business owner. "I feel a general judgment from those that don’t like cannabis is that the people who use it are incompetent and unprofessional. So by being a female entrepreneur who also happens to use cannabis, those judgments are only magnified."

She also believes that the largest misconception about cannabis is a misunderstanding of why people consume. "They do comprehend the benefits or the MANY ailments cannabis soothes."

We are inspired that even when facing stigmas, Arianna finds strength from within the canna-community. "Every cannabis consumer who shows up for themselves, no matter what inspires me to continue to do the same."

It is that kind of inspiration that led to the conceptualization of Party with Ari. "I vividly remember driving in the car, with my now fiance, verbalizing this crazy idea of a makeup education company. I was really just speaking aloud, a daydream, but when my fiance responded with 'that actually could work, your idea is really cool.' That was the first time I ever was told my idea could be more than just an idea."

All of Arianna's events are canna-friendly "I ensure my events are all cannabis-friendly. I love connecting and smoking with my attendees"

Since starting as an event-based business, the company has begun to expand into new ventures. "With COVID, I wanted to still be able to serve my community while not hosting events thus, Party Pop! Cosmetics was born. I was able to continue serving the community even though I couldn't host events."

Arianna is a Baked Beauty Guru who views the worlds of Beauty & Cannabis without judgment. "The title comes with the obligation to shatter conventional beauty standards and destigmatize cannabis, entirely, for future generations"

It makes sense that Arianna is striving to make Beauty more inclusive and accessible; her love for makeup is rooted in its inclusivity. "My favorite aspect of makeup and cosmetics, in general, is that it is for everyone. No matter what gender, size, personal style, makeup is a tool for expression. There is no wrong way as long as it feels true to your own essence."

Arianna loves helping her clients feel confident with their makeup skills. even when it is new to them. "The most rewarding aspect is when a client has that light bulb moment of how to do a certain look or the concept of blending just clicks and they are so excited by the fact that they are accomplishing a challenge." Her advice for anyone that is feeling intimidated or frustrated by makeup, "If you feel stressed out or struggle with makeup, my advice is to relinquish any preconceived notions of what you think makeup is or should be. View makeup as a form of self-care. You are taking time for yourself to adorn your own temple. If you want to learn something specific smoke a bowl and watch youtube videos, practice, then see where you are. Let it be a journey of discovery, not self-depreciation."

Arianna's fun & fresh spirit is reflected in her product line. From the delicious and 100% natural Party Pop! Potion balm to Arianna's personal favorite, the gorgeous Everyday Bitch Palette. All of these products are available on TreeStock, which is their online retail store. They are also excited to launch some new products including clothing, smoking accessories, and a third PPC product!

When we asked Arianna if she sees benefits from canna-consumption as a business owner, as well, we got a resounding yes, "I cannot answer this more enthusiastically than YES! I love to consume cannabis prior to and during a look. It helps boost my creativity and takes the stress out of trying to make the makeup look ‘perfect’. I have it in quotes because literally, nothing is perfect."

Arianna is also in the process of starting a new business venture with her fiance. They are starting a licensed flower company, "We are looking forward to serving the community with quality strains that are notably different."

Licensed flower is definitely one of the things that Arianna plans to add to the product list. "In the future, you can expect to see branded clothing, makeup bags, expanded cosmetics, skincare, licensed cannabis flower, and wholesale options!"

Arianna recommends that people who want to jump into canna-preneurship take bite-sized steps " If you want to start a cannabis business or any business, take small steps each day towards your bigger goal and trust yourself. You can fucking do it!"

When it comes to personal consumption, Arianna's go-to's are a blunt or a dab of her favorite strains (Mystic Glue, any Cakes, LSD, and Mochi).

Arianna feels like the world could learn more about empathy and acceptance from the canna community, and we couldn't agree more. We love everything about Arianna; her warm & genuine spirit, her stunning looks, her vision of accessibility, and beyond.

Halloween is one of our favorite Holidays at SoStonedCo (obviously), and just because Halloween is a bit different this year doesn't mean it has to be less fun. Check out these three easy DIY looks put together by Arianna, that you can create in no time at all!

To learn more check out Party Pop Cosmetics and Party with Ari and follow Arianna on Instagram at party.with.ari.mua.

Tag us on Instagram at @sostonedco if you recreate any of Arianna's looks!

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