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A magical discussion on healing, spirituality, "canna-bliss" and beyond with Alida Simone

We were thrilled to sit down with Alida Simone and talk about all things “Canna-bliss”!” This Libra Sun, Pisces Moon, Cancer rising baddie has been helping others tap into their most authentic energy through a blend of self-discovery, inner healing, and love energy that is very much needed especially in today’s world.

From a young age, Alida found herself drawn to the more spiritual and magical elements of life. She always felt in her heart that there was more to life than what the eye can perceive. “With that came curiosity. Being introduced to the story of Jesus and eastern teachings, and eventually uncovering the true esoteric teachings. Divine sovereignty, forgiveness, and unconditional love. This lifetime, even though I am only 21 on earth, has been an intense unveiling since I was young, suffering and staying in my heart through it all, knowing glory exists. At a young age, I dived deep into the rabbit hole, uncovering the basement dimensions and bringing them to light, knowing there is a greater purpose than just what is taught to us. Meeting other angels on mission and continuing to stay in the golden light center has guided me into lifting the human amnesia, knowing it’s a blessing to shine our light and healing by bringing awareness and forgiveness.”

Alida taps into her inner world, and past selves when it comes to how she defines her brand and personal identity. “Everything I do is based on my inner world, in which the outer can inspire but is not limited to. I identify as Cherubim, known in scripture as angel and beast, protector of the divine, and also to me a love-based shapeshifter with no limitations to form. I have this inner world that was verified to me through the gift of DMT of fluffy dragons, adorable loving creatures, and fields of heavenly peace where nothing other than love can enter or project. This coincides with my mission in this lifetime as expressing my inner world here on earth. Bringing divine light expressed through my art, creations and also through my avatar as Alida Simone.”

One of the things we find so inspiring about Alida is her growth and expansion of self over the past several years. She focuses on the blessing of being when it comes to tapping into her most authentic self. “The biggest insight that came clear to me for tapping into my authentic self is not being put in a box of the mind's limitations, of my own and of others. Knowing that it is a blessing to shine (this goes for all of us). In a world full of candles be the sun. Once we shine our light, everything and everyone around us has the chance to be illuminated, seen, and loved. Having the heart as my guide and believing in my most wild loving dreams.”

Starting a spiritual or healing journey can be a scary thing to dive into and explore. Alida had the following advice for anyone who is starting on their own personal enlightenment adventures. “The advice I could give to someone embarking onto their path is don’t be so hard on yourself. The thing about this path is in my perspective it’s a path of a warrior, so much comes up, the dark being brought to the light, unconscious patterns being brought up by shining your awareness onto it. It can be intense and we can be hard on ourselves, because when you finally see the truth you’d be lying to yourself if you went back to old ways… but old ways still do come up and it takes a lot to not beat yourself up about it. Just continue to shine your awareness on your inner and outer world and stay in your pillar of light no matter the hardships that come upon your path. See yourself through the eyes of empathy, believe in yourself, and unconditionally love yourself as a child of God.“

Creativity is an empowering tool to have in the arsenal of spiritual exploration. Exploring different methods of physical or sensory experience has been a great way for Alida to tap into her own personal growth. “Ever since I was young I always loved crystals and learning the meaning behind them such as they vibrate frequencies and some mean this and others help with that, it enticed me to seek even more physical tools such as tuning forks, and singing bowls. In times of healing, I would listen to singing bowls for hours, and I would feel my outer and inner world become balanced and find a peace that helped me tap in and clear parts of myself and reflect… aka meditation. Having these physical tools has helped me and guided me to the insight that all of the tools I truly need are within me already. Finding the divine inner voice, my golden light channel, and the most important tool, the awareness of self.”

Alida has plenty of love and support around her at home, which helps her stay motivated day to day. “I would definitely say my angel Dragon Wolfie Luna, my Moonbeam keeps me motivated. She came to me when I needed her most and has been my compass navigating me through the darkest times, guiding me back home to the light. Reminding me of the truth just by her existence. She’s also my biggest inspiration, the softness of her fluff, the beauty of her existence and personality, and her perfect soul. Knowing my dragon is here with me on earth motivates me to never give up and to keep her and me in heavenly abundant states of love and pristine frequencies.” While Luna, her wonderful love Orion, and the Seraphim surround Alida with positive vibes she also makes sure to find balance and support from within, even in the most trying of times. “I know for myself it’s not always so-called “safe” to always rely on something outside yourself to help you when times get harder, I never want to expect help. So at the end of the day what helps me keep going when times get harder is the endless love that is flowing through my existence, knowing I came here to earth for a reason and it is to spread my love without expecting anything in return. I am on an angelic mission to shine my light unconditionally. Remembering that keeps me going in my darkest times, knowing that being on earth can bring one more glimmer of hope and light, for myself and others.”

Alida shared a bit of her spiritual canna-bliss awakening experience in Joshua Tree this past year. It sounded incredibly magical, restorative, and freeing on so many levels. “When I was living in Joshua tree it was the first time I wasn’t controlled by “authority” and I was free to… do me. I found more of myself on the deepest levels I didn’t even know was possible, it was both heaven and hell. I had Luna, my seraphim, and my mermaid by my side. The dining room table was covered in art supplies and all of us created art without the anxiety of judgment… and canna-bliss was our bestest friend. What I loved about California is you can order cannabis online and it will show up at your door… so we had an array of choices in our home, from tinctures and flower to the yummiest of gummies.”

Alida’s first experiences with cannabis were with family (which we love), “I have an older brother (only 2 years older) and he was definitely a connoisseur of cannabis… he introduced me to cannabis because he would always smoke in my room cause I was on the highest floor with the most windows overlooking the ocean, it was a pretty dope spot. I smoked cannabis for the first time with him and I remember he left me alone after and I sunk into bliss. I would only smoke a few times in my younger days and I was usually alone. Sometimes I would see demons, sometimes I would be in bliss.”

Since then she has begun to use cannabis as more of a tool in her spiritual and personal growth practices. “As I became older I started to have judgments towards it, in regards to the shadows it would bring up in me and I stopped smoking for a while, but when I moved out to California I got a whole new perspective on the substance and started to use it as a spiritual and creative tool. I turned it into a ritual and set intentions every time I would smoke. That’s when my angelic transmissions came through. I felt that the veil between the ethereal and the physical became so thin for me, I was so tapped in. It was beautiful and breathtaking.”

Cannabis can be such an amazing tool when used in an intentional and focused way, and we are so happy that she was able to tap into just that!

When it comes to upcoming projects we can’t wait to hear more about Alida’s new poetry and angelic transmission work. She has an upcoming event locally where she will be doing spoken word poetry for the first time on stage. She has also begun wire wrapping, and is preparing to launch her beautiful line of Elvyn crowns with freshwater pearls which she is sporting in the video interview. Stay tuned for the upcoming launch!

Today marks the Summer solstice, and Alida had some wonderful tips to share for diving into this new seasonal period. “Summer to me represents indulgence bloomed. The seeds we have planted in the spring have blossomed and it’s time to cherish, praise, and celebrate. Have genuine gratitude, it helps to enjoy the present moment, create, dance, and explore. Soak in the sunshine, dance under the moonlight!”

Alida is not only a light worker, she is a business owner, fashion model, and creative maker. She has found that cannabis has helped her tap into new forms of creative exploration. “I have always been a creator, ever since I could remember ;) For me, canna-bliss puts me into a very ethereal mindset. I tap deep into my eternal world, the veil feels very thin. A lot of out-of-the-box creative ideas come up, especially expressed through words… in which my angelic transmissions arise, and my poetry. For the life of me, I cannot crochet when I’m high, I remember having a breakdown thinking I lost all my ability to crochet when I was high, it was actually pretty funny after I calmed myself down. Having that experience actually showed me this other side of creativity to dive into, not always having to make something physically with my hands to express myself but using my voice."

Alida says when it comes to creative work it is important to stay true to yourself, “The best advice I could give is to create for yourself, don’t create to make money. If you make it from your heart it will sell. To me, the base of a creative business is the passion and belief in the beauty of your art, that will fuel the abundance to pour in naturally.” She finds inspiration in her daydreams, her inner world, her lover, her divine friendships, her angels online, and of course her Wolfie Luna.“ Remembering true home, her North Star, to create that world here now. She uses the gifts the Divine has blessed her with to express her heart through art.

Alida is a girl after our own hearts with a full range of favorite canna consumption methods, “Oh I love all ways of consuming cannabis, my favorite has to be smoking backwoods but I love tinctures and gummies as well. My favorite tincture was called S’mores by Yummi Karma… I remember taking some with my best friends and dancing around the fire under the full moon, stars, and the Joshua trees. I also loved the Wyld Gummies, my favorite was elderberry aka giggle berry… my Love Orion and I would take them and giggle for hours… it was so beautiful how canna-bliss brought everyone together and set a tone of a playful frequency, no matter how much shadow work I was going through. My daily ritual for myself was my baby backwoods… It’s funny cause on the back of the backwoods cigars you will see a city called “Greensboro North Carolina” and I lived there for a while in my childhood. I always giggle with myself that I’m from the backwoods… and how years later I’m in the California desert smoking backwoods. I would smoke the backwoods wraps with my favorite strains, Blue Dream, Wedding Cake, and Lion Cake. I would wrap my flower in the backwoods, say a blessing and tune it 3 times with my 528 Hz love frequency tuning fork. I would do this as a ritual with every blunt I would roll. It was such a surreal and pleasant experience for me.”

When she is not working on her creative projects, or traveling around she likes to enjoy the simple and sweet parts of life. “I love to sit under the sunshine or the moonlight and feel present in the now. Spend time with my friends and go for picnics in a field of grass in a national park. Playing frisbee and volleyball in the park with the love of my life, Orion and watching my favorite shows and movies and giggling all night talking smack and coming up with creative ideas. Holding my wolfie and embracing her fluff and magical love. Going on live and talking with my angels online. Reading books that are dear to me and open my heart. Listening to Lana Del Rey and having a dance party with headphones on. I could go on and on… I love the little sweet things in life.”

Lately, Alida has been feeling a positive awakening in the current spiritual climate that is very much needed, and very exciting. “The fact that with the way things are moving we might actually see/we are already seeing a mass awakening in our lifetime. How the unseen is becoming more understood and accepted. Less judgment and more connection (depends on perspective). It’s safe now to shine our light, remembering each other is remembering ourselves. Star-seeds, angels, healers, and unconditional love. The dark is being brought to the light. Love is winning. Love has won, now the physical has to catch up with it.”

When it comes to what’s next for this year and beyond, it is all about tapping into collective love, truth, and enlightenment.” What I manifest always and intensely for 2022 and so forth, is soul-wide heart activation, mass awakening, mass forgiveness, and frequency elevation; Aka 5D, The Grand Remembrance. I feel like all of us as a collective these past few years have experienced intense change, ‘wake ups’, unveiling, and a lot of darkness coming to the light internally and externally. I envision my channel these next few years as this quote; ‘First, seek the kingdom of heaven within, and everything else shall be added onto you.’ To sum it up, I will continue to do my inner work, bring balance, clarity, and love to my matrix, mind, body, and soul… expressing and sharing my perspectives/journey for others, and knowing in my heart that the greatest gift we can give this world is our own enlightenment. I want others who are seeking the light to know they’re not alone and to be a mirror of love reflecting back truth and freedom.”

It was such a pleasure getting to hear about Alida’s beautiful journey, and the wonderful ways she taps into positivity and light. There are so many people that can use these spiritual tools to explore themselves and the universe in such a magical way. To learn more about Alida and check out more of the wonderful work she is doing you can follow her on Instagram at @AlidaSimone, and to check out some of her spiritual deep dives, tarot readings, moon cycle sessions, and beyond you can visit her Patreon here.

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